Comments - 5 Speedy Trailer Pull Sightings

Published: Nov 06, 2012
Description: Most people never, ever go fast when driving a truck connected to a trailer. Obvious safety reasons aside, it's usually not possible to go fast while connected to a trailer anyway. That being sai...
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Description: The driver of this Ford forgot to turn on his 4WD before he did his trailer tow run. It's a lucky thing for him that he wasn't racing anyone. The only thing he lost was some tread on his tir...
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Description: This video shows Diesel Power's successful attempt to break the world land speed record for a vehicle towing a trailer. Yes, that's a thing. Skip to the 4:50 mark to watch a GMC 2500 HD (hig...
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Description: Should you ever get into a high-speed chase while in a truck hitched to a trailer, you'd better hope you're driving a Tundra. Doing 0 to 60 in 14.18 seconds while towing an 8,500-pound trail...
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Jacob Viiper McCord Nov 07, 2012
Ford and Toyota are best. Nissan is a joke. And Chevy and dodge are decent lol
Antonio Falsetti Nov 06, 2012
Definitely bullshit.
Jason Bartlett Nov 06, 2012
I call b.s f150 ecoboost is best in class by far !
Rudy Jr Ramirez Nov 06, 2012
Heck yeah ! At least the titan is in second place !!! Woo go nissan !
Description: True, this video doesn't feature trucks towing trailers, but when's the last time you watched two tow trucks race? 'Never' is most likely the answer to come from the majority of ou...
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Brenett Brene Nov 10, 2012
Wow hi speed
Amer Tawil Nov 07, 2012
No warming up of the duallys?
Description: If you can't get enough of trailer tows (who can?), then this clip will be right up your alley. The guy in this video gets a heck of a lot better start than the trucker in the first trailer tow v...
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Gabriel Scott Nov 06, 2012
I've been to this 1/8th before, it's just north of Nashville
Ross Vermillion Nov 07, 2012
Nice gmc
Taylor J. Blake Nov 06, 2012
Rollin coal
Buford McGee Nov 06, 2012
Watch out bad ass alert
Tyler Tarbox Nov 06, 2012
Bad. Ass