Comments - Seat Releases New Ibiza Cupra

Published: Nov 05, 2012
Description: Looking for a GTI with a more Latin flavor? That'd be the Cupra, then. At least it would be if you live in a market outside North America where Seats are sold. The Spanish automaker's top-of...
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Andy Nongbu Demar Cho Nov 06, 2012
Thought it was a Lex at first... But looks pretty good!
Michael Roberts Nov 06, 2012
Looks alright to me
Jacob Viiper McCord Nov 05, 2012
looks like a focus front end
Logan Delony Nov 05, 2012
Someone around me has a Seat but I don't know what model ):<
JB Kolod Nov 05, 2012
Looks good but I prefer golf styling
Kyle McCullough Nov 05, 2012
I spy audi
Axel Morales Nov 05, 2012
Good thing the Ibiza is sold here in Mexico... this looks sharp.
David Guerrero Nov 05, 2012
Would love if it is brought to the US!
Malachi Monteiro Nov 05, 2012
Hot damn! Love it!
DjVegar No Imitations Nov 05, 2012
Rather sharp not bad
Description: The same 1.4-liter TSI turbo four carries over with 178 horsepower and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission for a 6.9-second 0-60 time. What's new is the crisper design with a crease up the hoo...
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Nodnarb Ydil Nov 05, 2012
Still looks better than most options in the US
DjVegar No Imitations Nov 05, 2012
Could do with a deep rear window spoiler/roof
Terrance Parker Nov 06, 2012
Sweet Seat
Andy Nongbu Demar Cho Nov 06, 2012
Nooooot baaaaad
Dylan Gregori Page Nov 05, 2012
Those tail lights are sexy and they know it
DjVegar No Imitations Nov 05, 2012
Very aggressive diffusers are becoming very popular with the centre exit exhausts
Jake Frazier Nov 05, 2012
Those aren't hexagons. They're trapezoids.