Comments - Renault Relaunches Alpine with Caterham

Published: Nov 05, 2012
Description: Developing a new sportscar is no small feat. It generally requires a significant investment in a platform that will likely never be used for any other products. That's why even a powerhouse like ...
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Pratik Parija Nov 08, 2012
Pratik Parija Nov 08, 2012
Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 05, 2012
Carlton Salmon Nov 05, 2012
I love both the old and the new, especially the old.
Description: Long rumored and just confirmed today by official announcement from both parties, Renault and Caterham will be teaming up in a 50/50 joint venture that will build a new line of sportscars. Althoug...
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Lou Guerrero Nov 05, 2012
Too bad us Americans won't be able to buy whatever they conjure up. Bummer.
Description: Caterham, meanwhile, has long been striving to extend beyond its core range of what essentially amount to reproduction Lotus Sevens, its most recent SP/300.R project potentially in jeopardy after ...
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John Atnip Nov 05, 2012
I think it's great when a car company keeps a lineage going like this. Built in the same factory for ### years.
Description: Some investment from French national and local governments seeks to keep those workers employed, but the rest of the investment will be split 50/50 between the two partnering automakers. Of course...
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Terrance Parker Nov 06, 2012
This is one of those concepts that I never get tired of looking at.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Nov 06, 2012
I really like the more rounded cab. Looks like a cockpit.
Siya Fadane Nov 05, 2012
Sweet like mommies milk.. shake (she really makes milkshakes). There are some unnecessary parts but im never happy about anything anyway. They're one of the few which can pull the space age look nicely
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 05, 2012
This car looks bad ass to me, and I can't even explain why.
Dillon Magee Nov 05, 2012
I hope it looks exactly like this.
Thibault Leroy Nov 05, 2012
I saw it today at the renault showroom in Paris! It looked amazing!
Ben Wright Nov 05, 2012
Agreed, they have to make a production version!
Carlton Salmon Nov 05, 2012