Comments - RM Auctions $23M Worth of Metal in London

Published: Nov 05, 2012
Description: Enthusiasts and collectors around the world have been looking forward to RM Auctions' event in London for months now. The catalog included some truly lust-worthy classic metal, from some of Europ...
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Description: The highlight of the auction was a rare 1959 Ferrari 250 GT TdF, which sold for a solid £1,960,000 ($3.13m), putting it right in the middle of its $2.8-3.8m pre-sale estimate. The second most exp...
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Thibault Leroy Nov 05, 2012
Veyron all day
Justin Routh Nov 05, 2012
Ferrari no question about it
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 05, 2012
Umm Ferrari without a doubt. If I can afford the car I can afford to find a place to drive it
Tyler Tarbox Nov 05, 2012
Id take a Veyron over a Ferrari F1 car. Seeing as you can actually use the Veyron
Sam Oglesby Nov 05, 2012
Hmmm tough choice veyron or Ferrari f1 car It not tough you'd buy the f1 car
Description: A rare 1964 Aston Martin DB5 convertible fetched £632,800 (a little over a million in USD), while a second DB5 once owned by Paul McCartney of Beatles fame sold for £344,400 ($550k). Other h...
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Brad Henson Nov 05, 2012
Damn I want that f1 car
Thibault Leroy Nov 05, 2012
Thats a pretty good price for a veyron
Rohil Chauhan Nov 05, 2012
Wow this looks amazing
Josh Banning Nov 05, 2012
Wow. If Alfa built cars as good as this now.
Dillon Magee Nov 05, 2012
Love that color
Craig Lafey Nov 05, 2012
Jaw just dropped. Absolutely gorgeous
John Atnip Nov 05, 2012
Take it!
Cohen Raphael Nov 05, 2012
Very nice car.
Dylan Bruder Nov 05, 2012
Lookin good!
Morgan Marcella Nov 06, 2012
I would love to buy this, only if I had the money....
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 07, 2012
I can't understand why everybody keeps hating the Veyron. I think it's incredibly gorgeous!
Noah Gavurin Nov 05, 2012
its just so... eh
Thibault Leroy Nov 05, 2012
Bill Estep Jr Nov 06, 2012
Wow the picture of the f1 car had to be blurred they couldn't put a photo in of the racecar w/o it lookin like this?