Comments - ACAT Ferrari 575 Visits Vegas

Published: Nov 05, 2012
Description: Ferraris are all about speed, but this one is - in the strictest sense of the term, anyway - faster than just about any other. We're talking about the ACAT Ferrari 575M modified by JBR Motorsport...
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Colby Church Nov 06, 2012
That's not fast at all. They could've built a c5 or c6 z06 much faster for what they spent. STS built one that ran 268 mph on the salt flats.
Isaac Rezkalla Nov 05, 2012
216 is pretty fast for being on salt.
Darian Vorlick Nov 05, 2012
216 mph? Doesn't seem that impressive for an exotic or for a Bonneville run.
Colby Church Nov 06, 2012
Didn't help it much though...
Thibault Leroy Nov 05, 2012
well the rims are built for speed!
Brandon Metzger Nov 05, 2012
Everything is perfect except for those rims!
Serge Pankratov Nov 05, 2012
Love these things but it original form please =]
Lou Guerrero Nov 05, 2012
Don't see this very often.
Description: Featuring a custom body, double parachutes and bespoke wheels and tires, ACAT says the project served as a rolling test bed (and promotional campaign) for ACAT's metallic catalytic converter, whi...
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