Comments - 2015 Escalade Going More Low-Key

Published: Nov 05, 2012
Description: With gallons of chrome decorating its large form, few cars or trucks carry the kind of presence that does a Cadillac Escalade. That audacious styling, however, could be about to change for better... o...
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Ryan Faber Feb 02, 2013
ill take an LTZ tahoe with a 6.2 over this.
Shane Prasad Dec 11, 2012
The infiniti qx56 and range rover have way less chrome and the look more elegant. This looks overdone like the navigator.
Jeremy Siebert Nov 07, 2012
Yes Dimitry, I like Escalades best when I can't see them...
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 07, 2012
This picture doesn't do it justice. The Escalade is really beautiful in person. Especially black and at night.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 06, 2012
@Dihan. This isn't the new one
Dihan Peiris Nov 06, 2012
Shit looks the same lol
Tyler Tarbox Nov 06, 2012
@Jorge. Hahahaha great comment
Siya Fadane Nov 05, 2012
This is not the 2015 one right?! Coz sticking to the formula is always a great idea but you can still change the variables
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Nov 05, 2012
We have a Yukon Denali, (for one more month, ordered a new car) it is much classier I think. Beautiful car
Brendan Bell Nov 05, 2012
In other words to what their saying, theyre going to make it boring.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 05, 2012
I hate chrome, I always see mexicans putting 30" rims on these feelin like they made it or some shit. Giving us a bad name.
Zachary Maurer Nov 05, 2012
*of the escalade
Zachary Maurer Nov 05, 2012
If I could get the 1500 suburban z71 off road with the 6.2, and the escalade platinum interior, I would, but I never liked the exterior
Serge Pankratov Nov 05, 2012
Agreed.. I never liked this front end either.. Denali or Tahoe for meee.
Tin Nguyen Nov 05, 2012
Denali for me too
Tyler Tarbox Nov 05, 2012
Personally, I prefer the Denali to this. Same price but a little less gaudy
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 05, 2012
That frontend never looked rite the Tahoe looked much better
Description: This could be seen as a gutsy move my GM simply because the Escalade has carved out a niche for itself due to its flashy styling which it wears as its badge of honor. The apparent reason for this desi...
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Description: Expect the interior to be upgraded as well, but the Escalade faithfull will be happy to know that the next big Caddy will remain a body-on-frame truck with a V8 engine, instead of going the crossover ...
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Matthew van der Linde Dec 27, 2012
The escalade is iconic because it is such a gas guzzler, and it is so ostentacious, if they got rid of this, it would lose its usp
Chris Gaines Nov 06, 2012
caddy has the srx. worst case, they would just axe the escalade
Shaniqua Latisha Nov 05, 2012
Thats whats gonna happen patrick
Dillon Dixon Nov 05, 2012
This I is why I love the Tahoe/Suburban. They are still real SUVs. And they actually look good.
Patrick Schalk Nov 05, 2012
If the Escalade ever resorts to a cross-over design I will lost my faith in humanity
Ryan Faber Feb 02, 2013
its because its the hybrid. the hybrid tahoe and Yukon all look like that too.
Ross Vermillion Nov 09, 2012
That's a weird pic, the exhaust pipe is not like that now
Clay Williams Nov 05, 2012
I agree, in my opinion the escalade is over priced and if I were to go caddy it would have to be an SRX or CTS.
Chris Huff Nov 05, 2012
Escalades are too expensive so if i had to choose a caddy i would go with the srx
Hesham Hanna Nov 05, 2012
I still don't understand that exausght pipe
Tyler Tarbox Nov 06, 2012
Denali interior is exact same. There really is no need to produce both vehicles. Literally the same car
Jesse Andersen Nov 07, 2012
Or a Yukon. For some reason Denali XL BLack Chrome is my fav for sure.
Carlos Eduardo Benitez Nov 07, 2012
The EXT is the best looking in my opinion
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 07, 2012
Black Escalade ESV? Yes Please!
Tyler Tarbox Nov 06, 2012
Interior of these is much better than a suburban
David Parenti Nov 05, 2012
That's what I'm saying. Add a bunch of gaudy chrome to a suburban and you get an escalade. Take away the chrome and your back to a suburban. Wouldn't a top of the line suburban pretty much be an escalade esv?
Alex Renaud Nov 05, 2012
These ESV models are basically as big as it gets for an SUV. They are massive. With the 3rd row up, there is plenty of space in the rear.
Taylor Garry Nov 05, 2012
It is a suburban so i would hope so
David Parenti Nov 05, 2012
With less chrome it will just look like a suburban.