Comments - New Towing Record Set at 142 MPH

Published: Nov 04, 2012
Description: This is not something anyone should be attempting on their own, let alone on a public highway. But whenever there's some sort of land speed record that can be broken, you're sure enough to f...
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Description: The chosen trailer also needed some additional work by way of new wheels and tires in order to handle the intense speed. The team of near lunatics then took their truck/trailer combo to the El Mir...
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Aaron Crisp Nov 04, 2012
I saw this the other day, you know you're doing something right when your truck sounds like a jet engine flying by!
Patrick Schalk Nov 04, 2012
Haha that's awesome.
Patrick Schalk Nov 04, 2012
I wouldn't be caught dead in a Powerjoke. Cummins hasn't been around for decades for no reason.
Zeus Mocha Nov 04, 2012
Not worse than Chevy and Dodge but not better for sure.
Shelby Cassandra Nov 04, 2012
Lol @ Ford is worse than Chevy and Dodge.
Austin Lark Nov 04, 2012
When it comes to towing both dodge and Chevy are better than ford...not because of the engines but because fords transmissions dont hold up as good...
Brandon Harp Nov 04, 2012
@tyler i do that now with my 2004 ram hemi... and it's MOSTLY stock lol
Patrick Schalk Nov 04, 2012
Yeah it's fun rolling coal on someone until they see you a month later and key the hell out of your truck
Taylor Garry Nov 04, 2012
Tuned turbo diesels are my favorite. Theres nothing like smoking unassuming cars with a lifted truck
Brian Johnston Nov 04, 2012
Not very hard. Look into tuned diesels. Off of a tune you can get 200+ horse power. Add 5 inch exhaust and a bigger turbo and you'll be 700+ Hp. The look on your opponents face is priceless. I love cars but be careful when a diesel truck challenges u
Aaron Crisp Nov 04, 2012
Duramax leaves Cummins in the dust? That's is the funniest statement I've ever heard.
Nick Schnee Nov 04, 2012
Or Porsches. Passing Porsches on an Autobahn at 170 in a truck would be a blast.
Tyler Ray DeFord Nov 04, 2012
I love how unassuming the truck is. It would be hilarious to go around embarrassing people in their v6 mustangs
Brandon Harp Nov 04, 2012
so it's nothing to do about the engines, just the looks
Brandon Harp Nov 04, 2012
also, i know that duramax is in the lead of sales for diesel, but you gotta think, in heavy duty trucks, even ford uses cummins engines (aka f-650+) because ford bailed cummins out back in the 90's
Matthew Crighton Nov 04, 2012
You guys talk shit about rams. But you cant deny that they look awesome. And the new chevys and fords look kind of boring.
Brandon Harp Nov 04, 2012
it's nothing about the engines, i just hate the way they look, also when it comes to pulling, i'd rather have a ford on top of ram, i just happen to have a dodge cause it was given to me, and i like the way they look
Brian Johnston Nov 04, 2012
You hate them because the duramax's leave the cummins in their dust.
Brandon Harp Nov 04, 2012
i don't care what kind of record it is, i still hate GMC/chevy trucks with a passion
Julian Pilinci Nov 04, 2012
Looks tough also.
Patrick Schalk Nov 04, 2012
Good lookin truck