Comments - Mazda RX-7 to Return in 2017

Published: Nov 04, 2012
Description: If the early reports prove accurate, then Mazda is already at work in resurrecting its RX-7 rotary-powered sports car for 2017. Mazda's sportscar chief Nobuhiro Yamamoto told the Motor Report at ...
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Christian Dawson Nov 06, 2012
I'll believe it when I see it, and not some render. It's been speculated ad nauseam for the better part of 10 years.
Jeremy Tyler Nov 05, 2012
New RX-7? Yes! I used to have a RX-8 that I put a twin turbo kit on. It was the best car I ever owned but it got old and I had to sell it. The only sports car Mazda offers is the speed 3 which is a front wheel hatch not a sports car, I need rotary!
Erich Brunk Nov 04, 2012
The 2013 models are coming out now so in less than 3 years it will be marketed. Seems legit to talk about it now if it is really under development.
David Guerrero Nov 04, 2012
I say it may be good timing, say of you just recently bought a car with a 60 month loan, it might be up or time for an upgrade to rx7! That's my case. My car loan is done in 2017!
Brandon Bairian Nov 04, 2012
Praise the rotary lowd!!
Terrance Parker Nov 04, 2012
I agree with all the afore mentioned, as much as I would love to see this thing come back 2017 and we're talking about it in 2012 seriously. (Yawn) Seeing is believing!! Show me the money!!
No Pistons Nov 04, 2012
No more speculation and gives all rotards relief that it's actually happening lol
David Justice Nov 04, 2012
2017?! Why even mention anything?!
Jay Garcia Nov 04, 2012
Why did they take so long . Hopefully it's worth the wait
Ethan Amo Nov 04, 2012
Man, I love the RX-7 & 8 but I'll be so happy to see this come back
David Guerrero Dec 31, 2012
R34. Supra. RX7. This is what made me fall in love with Japanese sports car, now I'm just disappointed
Scott Wyman Dec 31, 2012
Probably still the best Japanese designed car!....would love to buy one of these someday....
Little Walone Dec 01, 2012
RX7(1993-2002)? Today at 20 years old! But I want this car & Bodykit with VeilSide!
Byakka Hirakawa Nov 14, 2012
And ur forgetting ever car that japan ever produced!! Lmao
Mladen Sakotic Nov 08, 2012
You are forgetting the r34 skyline. Now that is the best ad Japan ever produced.
Scott Westphall Nov 04, 2012
Greatest car to ever come from Japan IMO.
Danny Burns Nov 04, 2012
Best one they made..
Jj Call Nov 04, 2012
I love this RX7. Everything just fits together real nicely!
David Justice Nov 04, 2012
So beautiful.
John Atnip Nov 04, 2012
One of the greatest cars ever built!
Zeus Mocha Nov 04, 2012
Please don't mess this up. And veil side better make a bad as body kit for it too
Paul Trahan Nov 04, 2012
One of the best automotive designs ever. I love how the metal looks like it's pulled tightly over the chassis.
Matt Piccolo Nov 04, 2012
God these things are beautiful!
Description: The new RX-7 will supposedly draw its power from the automaker's latest Wankel engine, the 16X, which was officially revealed back in 2007. It has yet to see use in a production car, and the upco...
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Scott Wyman Dec 31, 2012
Turbos aren't what killed the was people modding the engine w/o knowing what they were doing, that did that...if you're gonna increase H/P, you gotta keep AFR correct as well
Cezary Koral Nov 04, 2012
Well with this potentially being rotary hybrid, you'd get the needed torque that was missing and increased milage, unless you drive it like you should and keep it in high RPMs... When it comes to reliability, it's only as good as the owner.
Antonio Falsetti Nov 04, 2012
But what kind of mileage and how reliable will this be?
No Pistons Nov 04, 2012
The turbos are what killed the 13brew in terms of reliability. And for turbo'ing an 8 it was the side seals (if apex's addressed) that would flatten. I'm ALL for NA and 1.6 liters producing 300hp stock? Now imagine that motor bridgeported
Andrew Palmer Nov 04, 2012
It'd been cool to use the electric motor to fill in the torque seems to me that the hybrid thing would work...
Kyle Rawn Nov 04, 2012
Just make it more reliable than the previous ones.
Description: Since rotary Wankels run at constant speeds, this could in turn generate electrical power. The issue of reliability is also something to be worked out because previous Wankel engines required a lot of...
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David Guerrero Nov 04, 2012
Lol Thank the rotary god for not liking hybrid. Jk.
Joel Hope Nov 04, 2012
Mazda themselves said they aren't doing a hybrid for the new rx7.
Morgan Marcella Nov 04, 2012
A woman's sports car.
Logan Delony Nov 04, 2012
My mom had one just like this but in blue. She really loved it. Can't wait till I can get a new one ;p
Description: Weight is also a vital factor for performance and handling, so Yamamoto is targeting around 2,700 pounds - the same weight as the Scion FR-S. Pricing is projected to come in at a competitive $33,000.
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Kevin Carlin Nov 06, 2012
Why would the brz go up in price??? VVV
Justin Routh Nov 05, 2012
33k is also in 5 years. Im sure the brz will be alot closer to that price by then
Kyle Gwyn Nov 05, 2012
As an first 86 winner frs owner I'm not worried. I'd like to see the rotorys become reliable, I love rx7s. But at 33k why not get an Evo and be faster in every aspect and more reliable? IMO it needs to have 300+hp less 2700 or less and be below 30k
Cezary Koral Nov 04, 2012
I really do want this car to succeed, would be sweet to get it back. I guess only time will tell
Cezary Koral Nov 04, 2012
The sad part is, for now it seems competitive, but by 2017 we may see little economy cars hitting 200hp plus, sport cars well into the 400hp plus range... So for the new rx to really succeed, it may need more then the stated 300hp. I
Patrick Schalk Nov 04, 2012
This will be an incredibly competitive car
No Pistons Nov 04, 2012
Roberto Couto Nov 04, 2012
Matt Piccolo Nov 04, 2012
33k? 300hp + 2700 pounds = I cannot freakin wait for 2017 :)
Little Walone Apr 04, 2013
Don't Like this Car(Rx 8) Ever!
Bracey Wright Nov 05, 2012
I want one so bad!!!!!!
Lou Guerrero Nov 04, 2012
I've driven a few RX8s. These engines aren't crazy powerful but adequate and have the silkiest powerbands.
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 04, 2012
Fd I'm sorry
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 04, 2012
Yea but the fc had a lot going for it even though the engine wasn't the best
No Pistons Nov 04, 2012
This car was short only about 40hp NA. Take the 7s turbos away and you have an incredibly weak motor
Cory Allen Nov 04, 2012
Burn it with fire. Rx7 > Rx8
Melvin Cerrillo Nov 04, 2012
Is it me or does it look like James Franco is at the wheel?
Miko Reginella Nov 04, 2012
I do love the way this car looks. Just wish it was faster and more reliable...can't wait for 2017
Matt Piccolo Nov 04, 2012
I really do miss these! They were great cars
Michael Dunn Nov 04, 2012
Such a good-looking little car.
Little Walone Dec 01, 2012
I Love Classic Cars! Soooo....Beautifulllll!!!!
Ethan Amo Nov 04, 2012
Wow I love the Cosmo too, it's beautiful
Roggina Froggina Nov 05, 2012
I drive one of these every day. It's almost creepy how much I love it.
No Pistons Nov 04, 2012
Motor FC, looks FD
Lou Guerrero Nov 04, 2012
FD. No question. FC is great although I've never got used to the dated interiors even for the time.
David Guerrero Nov 04, 2012
FC=FD. Can't decide which I like more.
John Atnip Nov 04, 2012
Gotta love the FC's simple looks.
Jon Ashley Nov 04, 2012
I really like the look of this. nice widened fenders
Matt Piccolo Nov 04, 2012