Comments - Hammond Hosts 50 Years of Bond Cars

Published: Nov 04, 2012
Description: James Bond wouldn't be James Bond without the cool cars. And over the past 50 years, 007 has driven some of the coolest. This year marks not only the release of the new movie "Skyfall",...
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Michael Beach Nov 05, 2012
Great special! I watched it a second time. It's made me want to re-watch all the bond movies
Prince Huang Nov 04, 2012
I saw it
Ryan Veitch Nov 04, 2012
It was a great show but Carbuzz, you're a bit late the show was aired last Monday!!
Description: For the special, Hammond not only interviewed the original director and the latest star, but he and the Top Gear crew also built their very own Lotus submarine. And not the open-cockpit Elise that Rin...
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Thomas William Tuer-sipos Nov 06, 2012
I do believe the only reason it works is because I bet Jeremy did not get to help haha
Morgan Marcella Nov 04, 2012
Awesome Top Gear project that worked nearly perfectly. But good enough for me.
Wyatt Gordon Nov 04, 2012
I never thought I'd see the day when Top Gear made something that works
Rithhin Jawahar Nov 04, 2012
I loved the episode
Joe Criscione Nov 04, 2012
A top gear project that actually worked? Amazing!
Description: Check out the two-and-a-half-minute clip above, and if you have the hour to spend (and the BBC's lawyers haven't had it taken down by the time you see this), watch the whole episode in the v...
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Sabrina Wolf Nov 06, 2012
I actually love James Bond and top gear u.k I wish they had more full episodes :)
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Nov 06, 2012
They used Tron music at the end XD (yup I actually watched the whole thing)
Siya Fadane Nov 05, 2012
Must be a marketing stunt... I love it free episode, should have taken all the bond cars around the track
Ben Mossing Nov 05, 2012
Yay for corgi toys!
Nick Benz Nov 05, 2012
Cant wait for skyfall.
Matt Page Nov 06, 2012
If you genius's would've watched the top gear video hamster says the tires had been filled with cement to help the buoyancy
James E Caldwell Nov 05, 2012
RE: Camber issue: I'm guessing that it's riding low in the back due to the extra weight off all that batteries and other submarine related equipment. Ever see a first gen new Mini fully loaded with people? The back wheels tend to do the same thing.
David Munasinghe Nov 05, 2012
It's cambered and looks like its running Toyota supra rims from the early to mid 80's
Aiden Bass Nov 04, 2012
Wait is this cambered?