Comments - Chevy Spark by Enemy To Fashion

Published: Nov 04, 2012
Description: Revealed at the 2012 SEMA Show, this Chevy Spark project car has been given a makeover by Enemy to Fashion who was inspired to give the little car some military styling and make it feel right at home ...
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Rachel Ribeiro Nov 04, 2012
How do this fag made it to sema,f:#*#% carpentry I'm starting myself a tuning company,no way I can fail
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 05, 2012
Ricardo TheMonster Taveras Nov 04, 2012
The illuminati eye on the rims
Kern Nov 04, 2012
Good thing SEMA will be inside. That roof rack wouldn't last 5 minutes in my town.
Jordan Jackson Nov 04, 2012
At least, that's what the look like to me
Jordan Jackson Nov 04, 2012
They put Starscream's tattoos all over it, lol
Description: Vintage army surplus colors, battle-used materials and military-grade technical fabrics have been used both inside and out to ensure that the tactical experience complements the design aesthetics. Giv...
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Jorge Gonzalez Nov 05, 2012
Oh shit the NWO ahhhblaaabavddgaac!
Ricardo TheMonster Taveras Nov 04, 2012
Chris Gaines Nov 04, 2012
it's a great idea, but try doing this to a car that actually matters instead of this POS
Stephen Ishard Nov 04, 2012
I think it is enemy to fashion symbol it's on the car In multiple places
Jordan Smith Nov 04, 2012
Holy crap I just noticed that.
Andrew Hossann Nov 04, 2012
Why is the "all seeing eye" in the middle of this picture?
Michael Beach Nov 04, 2012
Because in war the enemy needs to hear your bass.... I've always wondered why our tanks don't have turret mounted Kicker 12" subs. -_-
Jordan Jackson Nov 04, 2012
Nevermind, apparently I can't read...
Jordan Jackson Nov 04, 2012
Are those speakers in the roof rack?
Jordan Jackson Nov 04, 2012
This is a pic of before they are finished with the car
Andrew Wesley Fisher Nov 04, 2012
Those wheels are different
Josh Kriter Nov 05, 2012
illuminati eye