Comments - BMW F10M M5 by IND

Published: Nov 04, 2012
Description: IND has built up a solid reputation tuning Bimmers, and its latest creation, based on the M5, has been readied for SEMA 2012. The project is two months in the making. IND's bespoke kit is the fir...
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Serge Pankratov Nov 05, 2012
Yeah graphics kinda kill it a bit for me too but otherwise its one good lookkn Bimmer
Steven Mcnaughton Nov 05, 2012
I really like the color of it from top to bottom
Lou Guerrero Nov 04, 2012
Simple yet aggressive. Edge with a touch of class.
Pablo Herasme Nov 04, 2012
Raise the car a bit and it would be perfect
Dillon Magee Nov 04, 2012
Very nice. I really like the color of the calipers.
Nick Benz Nov 04, 2012
Yea i dont mind em. I do like the colors though, especially the calipers. Not your standard showy colors
Daniel Bellafonte Nov 04, 2012
Don't think they look that bad. The overall look of the car is fantastic though and how low it is.
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 04, 2012
I'm cool with it, it stands out, alot
Michael Dunn Nov 04, 2012
Carlton Salmon Nov 04, 2012
Not liking the graphics.
Description: A ten-hour paint job included the application of Lamborghini Balloon White and exterior graphics penned by Jon Sibal. Fall Line designed and installed a bespoke "street friendly" roll bar, w...
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Description: It also comes with aluminum performance pedals and a unique gauge pod machined by IND. Stage two of the development will include power upgrades by AMS Performance. In the meantime IND has sourced an E...
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Serge Pankratov Nov 05, 2012
102mm quad tips??! Holy $h!t!
Sam Pann Nov 05, 2012
Nice stance..
Nick Benz Nov 04, 2012
You could call this slammed i think
Carlton Salmon Nov 04, 2012
Way too low.
Siya Fadane Nov 05, 2012
New m5 is too m3ish.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 04, 2012
Yea it is! 4 inches across each pipe!
Mike Bakhsheshi Nov 04, 2012
Wow! The best M5 ever built by BMW
Killian Wright Nov 04, 2012
Love the exhaust!
Aislin Cooper Nov 04, 2012
I agree, the M5 is about being comfortable and fast, should have left the interior alone
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 04, 2012
I linda of agree. They should have lefy tge interior alone
Alen Gibic Nov 04, 2012
Why do people mess with a perfect car like this. I mean if you want to make a race car out of an m3 or any other small 2 door car fine. But making an uncomfortable "race boat" out of an m5 is just stupid to me. If anything just up the power!
Gabriel Scott Nov 08, 2012
Why make a four door car have a roll cage removing the practicality of the vehicle, or even the novelty of it being a four door? Now it's just a heavy track friendly car that's street legal. Why would they waste an M5 and not just use an M3?
Lou Guerrero Nov 04, 2012
Street friendly?
Carlton Salmon Nov 04, 2012
Jeez, those carbon ceramic brakes are massive.