Comments - 5 Killer DeltaWing Sightings

Published: Nov 04, 2012
Description: The Nissan DeltaWing is about as peculiar as a Le Mans racecar as you'll ever see. The phallic-shaped auto is designed to be both aerodynamic and fuel efficient. It weighs a mere 1,050 pounds and...
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Victor Pitts Nov 05, 2012
@ Wyatt, why is it not working? Go somewhere else little troll.
Oleg Odessit Nov 05, 2012
5th place, doesnt work??? Huh?
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 04, 2012
According to what I've read it does work. Check the article on Carbuzz yesterday.
Wyatt Gordon Nov 04, 2012
as cool as the Deltawing looks, it doesn't really work. sorry.
Description: This epic clip shows what it looks like to be inside of the Nissan DeltaWing when it's flipped by a Porsche. As horrendous as the crash looks, driver Gunnar Jeannette was able to walk away unharm...
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Victor Pitts Nov 05, 2012
And just to let you know after all of this the Porsche-D-Bag flips the Dwing driver off...
Michael Davidson Nov 05, 2012
Oh I would be so mad.
Velocy Melendez Nov 04, 2012
Wow not cool. Bad Porsche
Edgar Jauregui Nov 04, 2012
I know the Porsche driver didn't mean to, but when I first watched this I couldn't help but say " Douchebag Porsche!"
Description: Gunnar Jeannette may have walked away from the DeltaWing's Petit Le Mans crash unscathed, but his experimental racer wasn't as lucky. This time lapse video shows the Nissan team putting the ...
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Victor Pitts Nov 05, 2012
That's pretty awesome that you have some of the DWing! As a die hard Nissan fanatic, it would've been incorporated into my LS powered S13!
Jacob Mullner Nov 04, 2012
I have a few of the pieces from the crash that I found during that race weekend. It's amazing they were able to put it back together
Description: Conspiracy theorists will point to this video, in addition to the one featured above, and say that Le Mans racers have it out for the DeltaWing. Whether that's true or not, you've got to won...
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Victor Pitts Nov 05, 2012
@Irish... You're a fackin idiot.
Jacob Mullner Nov 04, 2012
@Irish, I'm assuming you're joking
Velocy Melendez Nov 04, 2012
That was the lame move by the other car
Alex Long Nov 04, 2012
The delta wing is a cool looking race car , but personally I prefer the GTR as the race car , because it holds up so well against Porsches
Irish Nov 04, 2012
Why are japanese race drivers so shit.
Description: What this clip lacks in action it more than makes up for with historical significance. This is the first video ever shot aboard the DeltaWing. In addition to being the first video ever shot aboard the...
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Description: It might be tough to believe, but the DeltaWing actually got in a few laps on the 24 Hours of Le Mans track (albeit during practice) before it was wrecked. This clips shows the aforementioned laps and...
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John Wyatt Rosenberg I Feb 04, 2013
Well I mean if any vehicle came hurling toward me I would be scared.
Cody Gillard Nov 04, 2012
If i ever saw a car like this hurdling towards me i think i would actually be scared to death
Jesse Andersen Nov 07, 2012
I'd take it around the block for sure.
Oleg Odessit Nov 05, 2012
It sure does
Timothy Hooker Nov 04, 2012
I'm back! finally my buzz login works again. this looks sinister from the back....I love it