Comments - The Dark Knight Rises with a Juke Nismo

Published: Nov 30, 2012
Description: Getting into bed with the Batman franchise is a surefire way to raise a product's profile. Following Kia's Batman-inspired Optima, Nissan has partnered with Warner Bros in creating "The...
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Erik Scherer Dec 02, 2012
I'm sorry. But, I think the Juke is a horrible looking auto, from every angle! (just my opinion) I don't know what all the fuss is about.......
Raschard Jackson Dec 01, 2012
@Car Buzzer nobody even responds to your comments anymore. Just give it up bro. Go get a life and stop trolling a car app.
Car Buzzer Dec 01, 2012
Stunning, I'll take this over the gas guzzling aventador in the film.
Tracy Keiser Dron Dec 01, 2012
Ugly wheels, need to be lowered
Borphan Limthong Nov 30, 2012
Batman saving money on gas.
Lou Guerrero Nov 30, 2012
Why nismo, why
Rockesh Boulder Nov 30, 2012
Yup, Bruce Wayne just gave up his Aventador to get a Juke
Tino Domingue Nov 30, 2012
Anybody here think that the red is out off place............. Like maybe it should've been yellow? If your goin to do a batman Ed... Be true to the batman colors!!!!
Chris Penza Nov 30, 2012
Great movie, horrible car
Austin Lark Nov 30, 2012
Couldn't it have at least been the juke-R?
Felix Rhett Nov 30, 2012
I don't know if I could rock those batman symbols on a dd like that
Owen Tiernan Nov 30, 2012
Cuz Bruce Wayne is gonna be driving one of these...
Tyler Tarbox Nov 30, 2012
Stephen: the most interesting man in the world
Stephen Wood Nov 30, 2012
I don't always like the way the juke looks (actually I think it's butt fugly) but when I do, I like the batman edition
Reid Huff Nov 30, 2012
I really like this. I like the juke and the paint. There is a Saab in my parking deck that has a similar red accent on the lower grill.
Colby Church Nov 30, 2012
The juke is such an ugly ass car.
Clay Williams Nov 30, 2012
Why must they defile the batman name buy using a Juke and a Kia to represent him?
Gazel Hebbert Nov 30, 2012
A 370z would've been so much more fitting.
Description: It also features an uprated suspension, enhanced interior, and a host of Batman-inspired details. The matte black paint is reminiscent of the Batman's Tumbler, while chrome bat-badges feature on ...
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Description: Another pin-light projects the same image onto the black headlining of the one-off Juke Nismo, which won't be put up for sale or auctioned off to the highest bidder. Instead, Nissan is giving it ...
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Ben Hislop Dec 01, 2012
It looks too much like a bullfrog.
Cian Mac Gearailt Nov 30, 2012
I dont like the headlight position on the juke
Tino Domingue Nov 30, 2012
N15 DKR... Oh I get it >_<
Dylan Gregori Page Dec 01, 2012
Right @ Matthew
Matthew Crighton Nov 30, 2012
Those rims are sick. Too bad they put them on the wrong car.