Comments - Techart Bringins New 911s to Essen

Published: Nov 30, 2012
Description: Porsche tuning specialist TechArt is bringing a trio of Porsche individualization programs to next month's Essen Motor Show in the form of a Boxster, 911 GT2 and a 911 Carrera S Cabriolet. We rep...
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Nick Schnee Nov 30, 2012
I'm looking forward to Essen! I'll be there!
cpeacock1245 Dec 08, 2012
looks better than last one.
Dillon Dixon Nov 30, 2012
Love it! Only complaint is the front of the hood. It's not smooth like the rest of the car.
Drew Humphrey Nov 30, 2012
I like that!
Owen Tiernan Nov 30, 2012
I like the placement of the LED's in the intake
Colby Church Nov 30, 2012
Not too shabby. I'd drive it.
Description: The Techart GTStreet RS will apparently be one of the fastest and most powerful cars at the show thanks to a power kit that raises output to a lethal 700 horsepower and 634 pound-feet of torque (up fr...
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Oleg Odessit Nov 30, 2012
Wow i really wana knw the numbers
Claudio Komba Nov 30, 2012
Another silly badge...
Mohammed Shamma Nov 30, 2012
I own a 997 coupe. I was it wasnt convertible but when i tried the convertible i felt so satisfied that mine was coupe. But this looks great anyways
Drew Humphrey Nov 30, 2012
Yeah I wouldn't be able to stand driving a 911 convertible.
Colby Church Nov 30, 2012
If only it was a coupe.
Allen Kim Dec 02, 2012
Damn! Techarts been modifying Porsches beautifully for a long time niw
Petre Draghici Dec 01, 2012
TechART did a wonderful job with this
Mohammed Shamma Nov 30, 2012
Taylor Garry Nov 30, 2012
That looks great
Blake Antil Nov 30, 2012
Wow very nice. That's all I can say.
Mohammed Shamma Nov 30, 2012
Porsche did great job with this interior. Love it so as the boxster
Owen Tiernan Nov 30, 2012
That's a very impressive interior
Jeff Schween Nov 30, 2012
Saw this today....tis' the season to make a wish list...wonder what will be on our girls lists?
Joel Hayes Nov 30, 2012
They did a great job
Timothy Hooker Nov 30, 2012
the red would look better as CF