Comments - Chevy SS Revealed in NASCAR Spec

Published: Nov 30, 2012
Description: Chevrolet has taken the wraps off its latest NASCAR racer, replacing the Impala that has served as the Bowtie brand's oval-racing contender since 2007 with a new shape. But there's more to t...
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Dylan Bruder Nov 30, 2012
The flagship is the corvette though I understand what they're trying to say
Alex Bouckley Nov 30, 2012
Why don't we get the Holden Ute?
Zeus Mocha Dec 01, 2012
I really hope the real thing looks good.
John Atnip Nov 30, 2012
Anyone who actually follows NASCAR and understands it realizes the next generation of cars for next year is a big deal. The Nationwide cars for the past two years have been great, and I am looking forward to seeing these new Sprint cars in action!
William Downs Nov 30, 2012
Lou u need to learn how to read, no where in the Article does it say its a new car, they said its the new shape of the Chevy stock car and previews the up coming new car the Chevy SS
Lou Guerrero Nov 30, 2012
Oh look they put a new silhouette body over an existing NASCAR chassis but its a 'new' car.
Tyson Broadbent Nov 30, 2012
Looks pretty good upfront.
Dylan Bruder Nov 30, 2012
I wish they had to use the actual body of the car like they used to
Wyatt Ortega Nov 30, 2012
Lets see if it carries the DNA the impala did
Pompey Paul Nov 30, 2012
I totally agree
Colby Church Nov 30, 2012
I think NASCAR race cars look badass. And this looks pretty clean. I like the new fusion race car also.
William Downs Nov 30, 2012
Incident - u didn't*
William Downs Nov 30, 2012
Well clay in case incident know the rule governing the shape of the stock car has been lifted... but it must look like the factory car, notice how both the new fusion and charger look just like the production car... this is what the car will basically look like after u add the 2nd set of doors
Patrick Schalk Nov 30, 2012
Shoot I think that front bumper looks good.
Clay Williams Nov 30, 2012
Oh, don't get me wrong I completely understand why they have to look this way I'm just trying to put those at ease who actually think the production ss will look anything like this.
Clay Williams Nov 30, 2012
All NASCAR cars are ugly.
Shelby Cassandra Nov 30, 2012
Looks crappy.
Stanzel Washington Nov 30, 2012
It's a design trend.
Chris Benson Nov 30, 2012
What's with the trapezoid grill that ALL automakers are using?
Description: Little details are available at this point as to what the new Chevy SS will entail, but we're expecting a limited-edition performance sedan with V8 power to stand alongside the Corvette and Camar...
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Wyatt Ortega Nov 30, 2012
Other than that it looks like it will do just fine and blend in with the others
William Downs Nov 30, 2012
I don't think so, u gotta remember that gm isn't designing there cars on a strict budget anymore, just like the vette Chevy is going all out and besides the g8 wasn't that heavy and that was built by gm during the poor era of gm
Jake Judges Nov 30, 2012
I just have a feeling it's going to be very big and heavy like the challenger
Jommel Marcella Nov 30, 2012
This one looks better than the first pic.
William Downs Nov 30, 2012
Hopefuly they get forza 5 rite, I love forza 4 but its got so many problems not to mention how laughable the track selection is, how are u gonna make a sequel to a racing game and then take out a majority of the tracks, what were they thinking when they released the game with such a small track selection and never add more
Nick Schnee Dec 01, 2012
But why the hell...
John Atnip Nov 30, 2012
They have to have them. It's a rule in NASCAR that the cars have to look as stock as possible, thus the lights, fake exhaust, etc.
Jitendra Patel Nov 30, 2012
it looks good but lose the paintedexhaust
William Downs Nov 30, 2012
Well they can't be real... but i agree that they shouldn't even be on there
Lou Guerrero Nov 30, 2012
Fake exhausts? C'mon now..
William Downs Nov 30, 2012
Yea those tail lights are nice, love the subtle camaro touches in them
Dillon Dixon Nov 30, 2012
Hopefully those rear lights and that design in the side stay for the production. I just hope it has an aggressive style to it.
Chris Huff Nov 30, 2012
@Drew, compared to the other ones right?
Drew Humphrey Nov 30, 2012
That looks good'
Stephen Ishard Dec 01, 2012
Sexy ;)
Wyatt Ortega Nov 30, 2012
It's basically a caprice
Alex Smith Nov 30, 2012
I really hope the production version looks sportier.
William Downs Nov 30, 2012
They never left... they just haven't been a major Sponser in a while
Kyle McCullough Nov 30, 2012
McDonald's is returning to NASCAR? Gasp