Comments - Unique of the Week: 1961 Nash Metropolitan V8 Hot Rod

Published: Nov 03, 2012
Description: Nash Metropolitans and hot rods aren't really known for having much to do with one another. Their similarities usually start and finish with the fact they're both cars and that's about ...
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Robby Stanley Nov 04, 2012
Jorge seems to me like selling this car was on their mind. Only 2400 miles were put on it! A real car guy would drive the wheels off of it. Jay Lenos a car guy, you think he loses his ass off any of his cars? A car guy realizes the whole package.
Marco Saldana Nov 04, 2012
An SRT -4 engine in this thing would of been cool too, I like it, something original.
Jj Call Nov 03, 2012
I would buy that. I love cool oddballs
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 03, 2012
Your not a car guy if you give a shit about resale value.
Robby Stanley Nov 03, 2012
Talk about a zero return on investment. The high hp- low weight concept is always cool, but not in a Nash. Might be bad ass but it's still a Nash. Like hearing SRT4 guys run their mouths... Yeah your fast but your still in a Neon.
BJ Flores Jan 24, 2013
Thanks, guys!
BJ Flores Nov 03, 2012
What's the turning radius on that? It doesn't seem like the front wheels could turn much with the wheel well covered up like that!
John Serely Nov 03, 2012
Totally agree, a very cool car
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Nov 03, 2012
Description: The subcompact UK-built Nash Metropolitan debuted in 1953 and from the start it was designed to offer American buyers an alternative to the near yacht-size cars of the time. Believe it or not, tailfin...
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Description: To give you an idea how small the Metropolitan was, its wheelbase was shorter than that of the original VW Beetle. Power, as can be expected for a commuter car, was also quite feeble with an Austin ...
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Bill Estep Jr Nov 04, 2012
I bet people get a kick out of his license plate until they see is baddboy goin like a bat out of hell
Description: That's just as impressive then as it is today. The car continued to gain popularity and Nash, now a part of the newly formed American Motors Corporation (AMC), kept the Metropolitan up to date wi...
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Tim Puckett Nov 03, 2012
@cody do you have the 2 door the 4 door or the station wagon
Cody Johnston Nov 03, 2012
Yay Rambler! I have one! haha
Description: Although people at the time never saw the car as a performance machine, hot rod enthusiasts today often look at things differently, and so we turn to this 1961 Nash Metropolitan, transformed from a gr...
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Chad Schley Nov 05, 2012
That engine is over 7 liters. 650 hp is not that hard to get out of an engine that size.
Mark McRearie Nov 04, 2012
There is no way it makes that much power
Bill Estep Jr Nov 04, 2012
Definition: sleeper
Bill Estep Jr Nov 04, 2012
Fuzzy dice oh yeah
Description: Painted Torch Red with plenty of quality chrome work, there's only 2,400 miles on the odometer since completion. It was recently up for sale on eBay with a price of $45,000 but the auction ended ...
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Tyler Tarbox Nov 03, 2012
$45K? No thanks
Walter Robinson Nov 04, 2012
Have fun cornering at any speed