Comments - Porsche 917 Le Mans Winner Up Close

Published: Nov 03, 2012
Description: The Classics at the Castle Porsche Festival is one place we all want to be for plenty of good reasons. One of those is this 917 Le Mans racer which gave the German automaker its first outright win at ...
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Description: The iconic classic is powered by a 4.5-liter flat-12, the first engine of this type produced by Porsche. True to the automaker's form, it utilized advanced technology for its time with engine com...
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Ryan Rainville Nov 05, 2012
There's still a lot of engineering that goes into cars particularly the prototypes of today
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Nov 04, 2012
I miss the engineering that went in cars way back
Lou Guerrero Nov 03, 2012
I love the Scottish accent lol this car hails from thee crazy, experimental speed racer years of racing. I love it.
John Serely Nov 03, 2012
Agreed .
Dillon Magee Nov 03, 2012
Description: To keep the car as compact as possible, the driver was positioned so far forward that his feet rested in front of the front wheel axle. The video is definitely worth watching for Porsche lovers as wel...
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Aislin Cooper Nov 04, 2012
The 917 was a breakthrough in ground effects. Yes, it has downforce.
Brandon Metzger Nov 03, 2012
The lips on the back probably create some, the curvature and holes in the back also help create downforce. And probably other things I couldn't point out at this moment. But you don't get the kind of title this car has without creating any downforce
Nick Schnee Nov 03, 2012
No, I mean... It's pretty fast, and it doens't have any spoilers or spitters or diffusers. How does it turn at high speed?
Brandon Metzger Nov 03, 2012
\/ What kind of question is that?
Nick Schnee Nov 03, 2012
Does this car actually have any downforce?!