Comments - Mazda3 MPS by MR Car Design

Published: Nov 03, 2012
Description: Erftstadt-based tuner MR Car Design has put a new spin on the Mazdaspeed3. Branded MPS (Mazda Performance Series) in Europe, the front-drive hot-hatch has been augmented with more power, new wheels an...
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Mike Bakhsheshi Dec 02, 2012
Those rims are trash!
Cezary Koral Nov 03, 2012
I must say, I do like the look
Michael Montefusco Nov 03, 2012
Those wheels are horrid.
Dylan Bruder Nov 03, 2012
Take off the decal and it looks sweet!
Description: In terms of style, a new black wrap with a red checkered pattern on the rear adds aggression to the Japanese hatchback, as do a set of 19-inch Qxigin wheels hooked up to a KW coilover suspension. MR C...
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Matt Piccolo Nov 03, 2012
700 bucks for 50hp? that ain't bad!
Eric Martinez Jan 28, 2014
I like this version
Michael Montefusco Nov 03, 2012
The wheels look much better at this angle
Nick Sti Nov 03, 2012
Outside of North America, I believe the Mazdaspeed3 is called the MPS
Frederick Perez Nov 03, 2012
... Motorswapped.
Frederick Perez Nov 03, 2012
Wait speed3 or just the 3?
Michael Davidson Nov 04, 2012
The wheels look great from this angle.