Comments - Jay Leno on the Tesla Model S

Published: Nov 03, 2012
Description: For all the automotive wealth Jay Leno has at his disposal, it's the Chevy Volt that he uses for his daily commute. But after spending some time with the Tesla Model S, the Denim Chin thinks it c...
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Stas Allen Nov 03, 2012
So where's the poll?
Description: Its curb weight of just over 2,000kg is masked by a fully pneumatic suspension, and when it comes to performance the sedan manages 0-60 in under 4.4 seconds - proper performance sedan territory.
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Garrett Petersen Apr 30, 2013
I will NEVER be tired of jay leno and his cars. He is the king of all car enthusiasts!
Jason Ortiz Nov 04, 2012
Truly a beautiful car.
Steven Cheng Nov 03, 2012
Anyone else tired of hearing about Jay Leno and his cars?
Felix Rhett Nov 03, 2012
I think it's closer to 90k for the 300 mile range.
Kyle McCullough Nov 03, 2012
$65,000 base. Somewhere in that area
Zeus Mocha Nov 03, 2012
Anyone know how much?
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Nov 03, 2012
If I ever bought an electric car, this one would be my first choice. Love the looks, reminds me of a cross between an Aston and a more modern Jaguar.
Nick Sti Nov 03, 2012
That thing is quick!
Dylan Bruder Nov 03, 2012
"look there's one of those old fashioned Prius' going by" lol
Shannon Sims Nov 04, 2012
Count me in for one
António Villas-Boas Nov 03, 2012
There is something about this car that reminds me of the recent Jags.
Joel Hayes Nov 03, 2012
Looks great in black with those rims
Joseph Flieder Nov 03, 2012
It does look fabulous
Cory Allen Nov 03, 2012
Great looking car.
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 03, 2012
They need to have an option for a v8-v10 engine, beautiful body but full on electric engines is unpredictable
David Justice Nov 03, 2012
Wake up and 300 miles ready for you in the morning.
David Justice Nov 03, 2012
@John, that's what's awesome about this cars range. 300 miles is the same if not more than a full tank of gas. You typically won't use full tank in a day right? So you can do regular daily living and just charge it at night while you sleep.
John Serely Nov 03, 2012
This looks really great, but I still wouldn't get an all-electric car. First of all, the noise, and secondly, the fact that it it will take hours to charge
Jon Wheel Nov 03, 2012
It's quicker
David Justice Nov 03, 2012
Ooops, I forgot to add, according to Motortrend it has faster than M5 performance too!
David Justice Nov 03, 2012
It has the looks, that 300 mile range, and a great looking interior; if I could, I'd def get one.
Patrick Schalk Nov 03, 2012
Yeah this car looks great
Morgan Marcella Nov 03, 2012
Just got to love the looks!
Description: Other unique features include a front trunk dubbed a "Frunk", two rear-facing child seats and a huge sunroof that's controlled from the 17-inch infotainment touch screen. Some say the M...
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Dylan Greenspan Nov 04, 2012
It's not important its a stupid electric car that nobody will buy.
Dillon Magee Nov 03, 2012
I wasnt sure about the back at first, but now I love it
Luis Enrique Lara Nov 03, 2012
Yes I agree it looks jaguarish but it is beautiful
Jon Wheel Nov 03, 2012
I saw four of these lined up in California but I never really noticed how beautiful they are
Erik Rudolph Nov 04, 2012
It was a joke
Daniel Eads Nov 03, 2012
Erik, haha. The iPad like center console is kind of cool.
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 03, 2012
You're kidding, right?
Erik Rudolph Nov 03, 2012
Wheres the shifter?