Comments - Crane Wrecks Jaguar XKR-S and 6-Series Bimmer

Published: Nov 03, 2012
Description: A terrible tragedy has befallen the sleepy Belgian village of Gits, where a 60-ton crane tipped over into the lot of B&D Automobiles, crushing a Jaguar XKR-S and a BMW 6 Series coupe that could no...
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Dave Cruikshank Nov 04, 2012
The scarf is AWFUL.
Bao To Nov 06, 2012
Ryan was being sarcastic in response to Brandon's post people.
Garrett Hullender Nov 04, 2012
Sergi Pérez Figueras Nov 04, 2012
@Ryan Belgium is between France and Deutschland....
Aaron Crisp Nov 04, 2012
Who cares about the Jag and Bimmer? That crane is worth millions! :D
Mark Suvorov Nov 04, 2012
It is xkr s 2009
Andrew Bosler Nov 04, 2012
Belgium is nowhere near America...
Ryan Veitch Nov 04, 2012
@Brandon did you not read the part where it says Belgium? However Belgium is very close to America so I can see where the confusion is coming from.
Lou Guerrero Nov 03, 2012
Go home crane, you're drunk
Rodney Coleman Nov 03, 2012
The 6 series is ugly anyways
Terrance Parker Nov 03, 2012
"Ahhh those were the easiest cars I've sold in a long time!!" $$$$
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 03, 2012
What's with the scarf?
Dillon Magee Nov 03, 2012
I feel bad for that guy if he's the owner.
John Serely Nov 03, 2012
@mathew haha not at all.
David Justice Nov 03, 2012
So now he'll get two new cars for free.
Matthew Mckernan Nov 03, 2012
...kinda an XKR sport.
Matthew Mckernan Nov 03, 2012
@jeremy, this is an XKR-S, jaguar made an earlier gen version in 2009 I believe. It just wasn't as extreme as the current XKR-S. Think of it as k
Jeremy Russell Nov 03, 2012
It isn't a xkr-s... The badges say so but the whole front fascia isn't right, and the wheels are completely off. What we're seeing is just a xkr
Tim Puckett Nov 03, 2012
Second ruined xkr-s today
Brian Johnston Nov 03, 2012
Double kill
Austin Bride Nov 03, 2012
He's just like "well shit"
Kyle Christenson Nov 04, 2012
@stephen haha the trunk is pretty damn ugly though
Stephen Cobbs Nov 04, 2012
Jay lets Top Gear influence him too much.
Pablo Herasme Nov 03, 2012
M-Monster kill
Kevin Watson Nov 03, 2012
Have you notice that the BMW's windows didn't shattered? Simply amazing.
Ian Barger Nov 03, 2012
The 6 series is not ugly!
Jay Kolvenbag Nov 03, 2012
Sad for the Jaaag but at least there is one ugly 6 series of the road
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 03, 2012
Garrett Hullender Nov 04, 2012
The xf is a lucky bastard
Bailey McLendon Nov 04, 2012
At least the gas tank didn't explode.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Nov 03, 2012
Glad the XF survived.
Nick Schnee Nov 03, 2012
Yeah, everything under the hood seems to be fine!
Ethan Amo Nov 03, 2012
I'll take the XKR-S if the owner doesn't want it anymore
Malachi Monteiro Nov 03, 2012
That XF is like shiiiiiiiiiiiit
Mohammed Shamma Nov 03, 2012
The tank left the cheap cars Z4 3 series etc and went for the big cars. Unlucky!
Wišśam Stephan Nov 03, 2012
Look at the XF, its happy that nothing happened to it.
Terrance Parker Nov 03, 2012
I hate it when that happens
Dillon Magee Nov 03, 2012
How did it survive?!?
Mark Donnelly Nov 03, 2012
the front drivers window still looks usable on the 6. they'll probably salvage it for parts that are still good.
Michael Dunn Nov 03, 2012
I don't can some one explain?
Kyle McCullough Nov 03, 2012
I think I see the problem