Comments - Chrome XKR-S by Superior Auto Design

Published: Nov 03, 2012
Description: Even though Jaguar built just a few hundred units of the 2012 XKR-S, for Florida-based Superior Auto Design the car remains insufficiently exclusive, hence its decision to give it a chrome and matt bl...
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Description: It produces 550 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque and can hit a top speed of 186 mph. It also boasts a custom exhaust, bespoke suspension, 20-inch alloys and carbon-fiber splitter. In other word...
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Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 07, 2012
Looks really good!
Adam Mitchel Nov 06, 2012
Looks really clean
Daniel Levy Nov 05, 2012
Looks great no lame decals on it just awesome
omarSV Nov 04, 2012
lol Carlton youre on your own with this one...this looks really cool :)
Daniel Eads Nov 03, 2012
The first chrome wrap I like.
August Burrichter Nov 03, 2012
Looks like a spaceship, fantastic.
Dillon Magee Nov 03, 2012
At first I thought it would be terrible, but that actually looks great!
John Serely Nov 03, 2012
That looks fantastic!! I think it would look even better if they replaced the chrome with a red color, and kept the black accents. The grill and lower front fascia look great blacked out
Tyler Ray DeFord Nov 03, 2012
There are some good chrome wraps out there but chrome looks bad on this car
Carlton Salmon Nov 03, 2012
No. Just no. Please stop with the chrome and matt wraps - it's all getting a bit passé now.
Rohil Chauhan Nov 03, 2012
This actually doesn't look half bad. Probably the only chrome wrapped car in the world that doesn't look ghastly.
Jon Wheel Nov 03, 2012
I love this so much
Zeus Mocha Nov 03, 2012
Best chrome wrapped car I have seen. Maybe the only good looking one at that.
MissLaura Anne Nov 03, 2012
Lookin good!
Gurjit Singh Nov 04, 2012
Fawaz Alkraidees Nov 03, 2012
Jaguars have soul.... I love their design language
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 07, 2012
Love the back!
Bill Estep Jr Nov 03, 2012
Florida huh I wonder if it's Flo Rida grocery getter nex to his chromed Bugatti
Connor Scanlon Nov 03, 2012
Should've kept the jag symbol black... Then again they should of kept the car black
Jeremy Moniz Nov 04, 2012
Wow that's sharp
T.j. Mikle Nov 03, 2012