Comments - Audi Launches A6 & A7 Black Editions

Published: Nov 03, 2012
Description: In order to tempt buyers into its UK showrooms, Audi has introduced special edition models for the S Line A6 Sedan, A6 Avant and A7 Sportback, dubbing them 'Black Editions.' Available to ord...
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Jason Brown Nov 03, 2012
If I had to do it all over I wouldn't have bought mine (2012 ibis A6/C7, S-line). Too many problems from 5 month ownership, Audiworld forum username Inyoury. I made many posts on there about all the problems. However, a good looking car...
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 03, 2012
Nice looking car.... If only I had the money laying around
Dylan Bruder Nov 03, 2012
Looks red to me
Matthew van der Linde Nov 03, 2012
I think the full LED headlights look better on the A6
Description: The special dark finish is applied to the grille, number plate surrounds, window frame strips, and black roof rails for the A6 Avant. Inside, the cabins get Piano Black inlays, black leather sports se...
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Jason Brown Nov 04, 2012
Audi replaced the fog lights with all weather crappy lights built into the headlights. Put the night vision sensors and cameras in place of where the fog lights used to be. I miss the good old fog lights...
Jeremy Russell Nov 03, 2012
Also, all-weather headlights!? Damn this is from the future
Dillon Magee Nov 03, 2012
Ikr! That's unheard of!
Jeremy Russell Nov 03, 2012
Adjustable front seats!?!?!? No way!
Description: Audi claims the new Black Edition is best accompanied by the 3.0-liter BiTDI unit rated at 313 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, but can be selected with all the engines in the A6 Sedan and Avant ra...
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David Justice Nov 03, 2012
Sweet, make mine a S6 black edition then!