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Published: Nov 03, 2012
Description: Most people have never come close to going 200 mph in a car. There aren't many cars out there designed to safely do 200 mph. That being said, there are many supercars out there that easily top th...
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Lou Guerrero Nov 03, 2012
I'm only short 60 mph!
Description: The Koenigsegg Agera R is an amazing machine. This clip shows the Swedish supercar making runs from 0-300-0 kph and 0-200-0 mph. The 0-200-0 mph run was made in an incredible 24.96 seconds.
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Trent Fiala Nov 05, 2012
Because it is the Koenigsegg test driver at there test track at the old Swedish Air Forces base
Alex Renaud Nov 05, 2012
Rita, how do you know that's the test driver?
Rita Robinet Nov 05, 2012
That's the koenigsegg test driver. Lucky chap.
Zeus Mocha Nov 04, 2012
Brian Johnston Nov 03, 2012
I'd probably give my left testicle to do this.
Antonio Falsetti Nov 03, 2012
Amazing machine.
MissLaura Anne Nov 03, 2012
At least we all know he can afford new brakes.
Description: David Freiburger is a lucky man. The Hot Rod Magazine writer got to go 202.67 mph in the Ligenfelter Performance Engineering Camaro ZL1. Some guys get all the luck.
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Zeus Mocha Nov 04, 2012
Lou Guerrero Nov 03, 2012
Fry burger!
Ray Moreno Nov 03, 2012
Unnecessary garbage metal.
Description: This short clips shows the 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 running at 200 mph on Italy's Nardo Ring. In addition to pushing the 'Stang to 200 mph, the Ford team also tested the muscle car&apo...
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supra_mkiv Nov 03, 2012
I remember reading a review saying how bad the brakes wear on this car
Description: It may be hard to believe, but the 220.5 mph achieved by the Hennessey CTS-V in this video is not the car's actual top speed. The Texas-based tuner says that its Cadillac can hit 242 mph. The rea...
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Daniel Eads Nov 03, 2012
A bit of an overshoot but impressive none the less.
Description: Not all runs of 200 mph-plus go as planned. Matt Hagan learned that the hard way when his funny car exploded during the NHRA 4-Wide National Qualifiers. Hagan's car was totaled, but he walked awa...
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Alex Mabbott Nov 05, 2012
It's a quarter mile, nothing will do 500 in a quarter.
Jt Thomas Nov 05, 2012
8,000 horsepower engine and he was only doing 260 mph ??? I woulda figured those numbers could do atleast 500mph.
Michael Davidson Nov 04, 2012
Haha yeah, he didn't look too happy.
Brandon Metzger Nov 03, 2012
Lol he seemed pissed more than anything
Redge Diakité Nov 03, 2012
DAAMMNN instead of being thankful to be in life he gets nervous lol :D
Jt Thomas Nov 05, 2012
Matthew did you not just watch the video of the Camaro doing 200 mph on the previous page...
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 04, 2012
That looks really good
No Pistons Nov 04, 2012
F22 raptor? No thanks I'll take a That new F jet that takes off vertically
Patrick Schalk Nov 04, 2012
F22 Raptor beats a spaceship. I'll take thag
Michael Davidson Nov 04, 2012
Hmmmmmm... nope, can't beat a spaceship.
Patrick Schalk Nov 04, 2012
Space ship?! No thanks, I'll take a Hot Wheels.
No Pistons Nov 04, 2012
Pagani Zonda? No thanks I'll take a space ship.
Zeus Mocha Nov 04, 2012
vvv lol I have to have those rims
Patrick Schalk Nov 04, 2012
GT500? No thanks. I'd rather have a Pagani Zonda.
Matthew Crighton Nov 03, 2012
No thanks. Id rather have a gt500.
Patrick Schalk Nov 03, 2012
Not enough stickers Matt? You need a fart can on it too
Matt Piccolo Nov 03, 2012
I'll pass
MissLaura Anne Nov 03, 2012
Yellow on black. Sexy!!
Patrick Schalk Nov 03, 2012
1LE baby! I want it