Comments - Jeremy Scott Puts the Art Car in the Smart Car

Published: Nov 28, 2012
Description: Results can vary when a fashion designer and an automaker get together. The Nissan Micra designed by Elle magazine, for example, was not exactly our cup of tea. The Fiat 500 by Gucci was better, but t...
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Richard Nichols Nov 28, 2012
Surely that is what Aston Martin should have done with e cygnet!
Tylergrandstaff Dec 02, 2012
Dayan Fernandez Batista Nov 30, 2012
So, this is what Thor's car would look like ...
Joshua Grant Robinson Nov 30, 2012
No! Just no!!
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Nov 29, 2012
Art is getting more and more retarded as we go along. Like what's that video about where the guys starts smacking a pole from his crotch. Art...apparently?mbe serious at least
Jommel Marcella Nov 29, 2012
It's just a smart. At least it's not a Bugatti or Ferrari.
Sean Sutton Nov 28, 2012
Redbull should use this car
Shelby Cassandra Nov 28, 2012
If he was going to give it wings, at least give it cool wings and make it a theme.
Donald Pittman Nov 28, 2012
How does this guy become a designer? All he does is put wings on everything (Adidas, Smart, ...).
Will Smith Nov 28, 2012
god gave you wings and god made the smart car smart but in this case ugly and dim-witted.
Michael Beach Nov 28, 2012
It's become an athletic shoe
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Nov 28, 2012
Id take this..... To a redbull Flugtag lol
JB Kolod Nov 28, 2012
Hahahaha Oleg
Oleg Odessit Nov 28, 2012
Please put Art Car in the Art Wall, 80miles an hour or so
John Hyland Nov 28, 2012
Just when I thought the Smart Car couldn't get any uglier...
John Atnip Nov 28, 2012
Dude must have had that little kid mentality of "stickers of flames and stripes makes cars faster". Except, you know, he added wings...
Ben Doolittle Nov 28, 2012
They ruined a smart car! Oh wait, never mind...
JB Kolod Nov 28, 2012
I think he needs to lay off the red bull
Ben Hislop Nov 28, 2012
It's art
John M Weishahn Nov 28, 2012
Nice one, Trey.
Trey Villarreal Nov 28, 2012
Well the car did already look like an Angry Birds character.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Nov 28, 2012
Description: The most obvious flourish Scott has added to the electric city car is a pair of wings - white on one side, red on the other - that extend rearward with integrated brake lights like fins on an old Cadd...
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Description: The interior is decked out in diamond-quilted white Nappa leather with a minimalistic instrument panel in and a pistol-grip steering wheel. "Cooperations with fashion designers are normally limit...
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Oleg Odessit Nov 28, 2012
This what should come up when you google FagMoblie
Stephen Ishard Nov 28, 2012
This car is FABULOUS
Jake Judges Nov 28, 2012
Wow! That is twice as ugly
Trent Humphrey Nov 28, 2012
*for Jeremy
James Kay Nov 28, 2012
It's supposed to make the car look fast. Next their going to make it look like a Bugatti
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 28, 2012
Can it fly?
Devin Babyn Nov 28, 2012
Someone's gonna get poked in the eye
Noah Gavurin Nov 28, 2012
looks like one of those 90s running shoes
Ben Hislop Nov 28, 2012
Now, the breaklights in the wing? Now no one can crash into the back of you.
Kyle McCullough Nov 28, 2012
Milk Papa Jan 09, 2013
Jommel Marcella Nov 29, 2012
Will it actually fly?!?
Kyle Rawn Nov 28, 2012
Very valid point Carlton.
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 28, 2012
Besides the wings and for what it is, it's nice looking with the chrome and interior. Interior should be in something else
Carlton Salmon Nov 28, 2012
Too macho a car and way too much power, even for him...
John Atnip Nov 28, 2012
Is that Beiber?
James Kay Nov 29, 2012
This is probably what the who made it looks like
Alex Bouckley Nov 28, 2012
Flux Flow Nov 28, 2012
@Atnip "You see Larry! You see what happens when you f*ck another man in the a**?!" He's definitely a nihilist.
Kyle Rawn Nov 28, 2012
Nope Erich. Neo Nazis don't look like trannys
Owen Tiernan Nov 28, 2012
This explains everything
Ryan Sansossio Nov 28, 2012
Something gayer than the car
Stephen Cobbs Nov 28, 2012
Bahahaha cant take this guy serious. You're in a smart car with wings hahahaha
Patrick Schalk Nov 28, 2012
Haircuts don't lie
Stephen Ishard Nov 28, 2012
Ga ga ga ga gay
Carlton Salmon Nov 28, 2012
Looks like Daniel Craig trying to be Sacha Baron Cohen's character, Bruno.
John Atnip Nov 28, 2012
Reminds me of the crazy German guy in The Big Lebowski
Jake Judges Nov 28, 2012
I have very little respect for whoever this is
Kyle Rawn Nov 28, 2012
Wait, what gender is this thing?
John M Weishahn Nov 28, 2012
I thought he rolled in a five point oh?
Tylergrandstaff Dec 02, 2012
nice interior
Augie Schroer Dec 01, 2012
Every inch of the car sucks
Andrew Semak Nov 28, 2012
Don't spill your coffee
Alex Medvedev Nov 28, 2012
Interior nice though
Tanner Middleton Nov 28, 2012
it really can fly! thats why you need a harness like that...
Tin Nguyen Nov 28, 2012
Very nice interior.
Daniel Carroll Nov 28, 2012
Knowing my luck. I bet I would step in dog shit and jump in the car and get it all over the WHITE (?) mats.
Jeremiah Goins Nov 28, 2012
It has wings remember? No need for pedals.
Henz Herrero Nov 28, 2012
How do u drive this without any pedals..