Comments - Jeremy Clarkson on the GT86

Published: Nov 28, 2012
Description: Top Gear's oafish presenter has gotten a taste of the Toyota GT86 and found it to be very palatable indeed. It's not terribly shocking to discover Britain's leading car guy gets a thril...
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Description: This isn't a full on review, simply an excerpt from Clarkson's latest DVD. But it's still worth a watch, especially if you're a fan (as many of us are) of the big man's idiosy...
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Kyle Kloewer Dec 04, 2012
From "The Worst Car In The History of The world"
Isaac Taylor Nov 30, 2012
If I could drive...I would drive this one
Mustafa Alshekhly Nov 30, 2012
I'd like to have this car Because it has enough power for the street its economical and cheap and it has an awesome design
Ali Rafie Nov 30, 2012
If clarkson likes it everyone likes it. Id like to see it up against the e36 m3
David Guerrero Nov 30, 2012
William no. The FR-S and GT86 have different headlights. The GT86 has LED and different fog lights, the tail lights are also a bit more aggressive.
William Downs Nov 29, 2012
Yea Dan sorry your completely wrong, the FRS and gt86 are the exact same car, same interior same everything only difference is the badge, the Brz is different... don't correct people when u don't know what your talking about
Dan Seehagel Nov 29, 2012
It's not "exactly" the same. Different front bumper/grill, headlights, interior trim, and suspension.
Nick Benz Nov 29, 2012
William Downs Nov 29, 2012
Not a single difference between the gt-86 and FRS besides the badge on the front and back
William Downs Nov 29, 2012
Treston u do know that this is the exact same car as the FRS minus the Toyota badge
Melvin Cerrillo Nov 29, 2012
I love speeding and yelling "POWER!"
Treston Ott Nov 29, 2012
Rather have the BRZ or FR-S
Donald Chip Schofield Nov 28, 2012
This car would be a good car to take to the track and drift like a boss.
Mic Wong Nov 28, 2012
Very clear message, thanks Jeremy :)
Michael J Solimene Nov 28, 2012
Best job in the world
Cian Mac Gearailt Nov 28, 2012
Ok so you spend the little amount the car costs and buy it. Then you end up buying a new set of tyres every week because you drift to work
William Downs Nov 28, 2012
Sorry bout that I'll admit when I'm wrong
Matthew Mckernan Nov 28, 2012
Lol William, such a fail. That's the actual name of the DVD. BTW I love the gt-86, I think it's an awesome car!
Cody Gillard Nov 28, 2012
Clarkson is my most favorite driver probably ever
Devin Babyn Nov 28, 2012
Oh and you try and stand up for this car way to much. Quit freaking out about it being a true sportscar or whatever. People like power, this doesn't have power. It's going to get hate
Devin Babyn Nov 28, 2012
William that has to be one of the worst fails I've seen on here. I salute you
Tara Fitria Nov 28, 2012
William I think he is not describing the car, but the name of the segment that this particular piece of footage is in.
Stephen Cobbs Nov 28, 2012
Yeah im getting the dvd for Christmas. Saw the trailer on they're Youtube channel and I had to get it.
Byakka Hirakawa Nov 28, 2012
Weird seeing a car drift without smoke
William Downs Nov 28, 2012
Sounds like Matthew is a bit but hurt, that or he doesn't understand d the point of this car or the point aa proper sports car, its not about power its about balance aand great handling
Hector Delgado Nov 28, 2012
I want his job
John Diller Nov 28, 2012
I want this thing so bad it hurts
Matthew Mckernan Nov 28, 2012
@carlton- Top Gear: The Worst Car in the History of the World
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 28, 2012
Clarkson is awesome!
Alex Medvedev Nov 28, 2012
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Nov 28, 2012
Whats the DVD name?
Earick Smith Dec 02, 2012
If these cars are so cool why aren't there more of them on the road, I haven't seen a single one driving around and I live in a large city
David Guerrero Nov 30, 2012
@william. *You're
Sivert Grande Nov 29, 2012
Saw one of these for the first time yesterday. Looked sweet!
William Downs Nov 29, 2012
O.O the gt86 is 48k in hongkong... that a bit crazy
Mic Wong Nov 29, 2012
Oh really William? Here in hong kong, the price of both are similar of US$48k. U guys are in heaven...
William Downs Nov 29, 2012
Really your stuck between a 25k car or a 43k car?
Mic Wong Nov 28, 2012
A250 or this, really a tight choice...
Matt Piccolo Nov 28, 2012
Is agree, u won't regret it!
William Downs Nov 28, 2012
Easiest way to find out is to go test drive one, I did and there a blast to drive
Kyle Rawn Nov 28, 2012
Go for it!
Danyaal Farooq Nov 28, 2012
Seriously considering buying this car
David Guerrero Nov 30, 2012
I'm torn, should I get an FR-S or a WRX? My two favorite cars under 50k
Joshua Grant Robinson Nov 30, 2012
I want one but I also want the Toyota badge. I just don't think it's an ugly car and all scions are ugly. Mostly (Because I might have forgotten a good one!).
Jordan Smith Nov 29, 2012
*because of the old days when I played need for speed.
Jordan Smith Nov 29, 2012
I only like the wing because of the old days when I used to always put the biggest wing on any car. But now, I'd prefer a small lip.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 29, 2012
Somebody please destroy that wing
Cory Allen Nov 28, 2012
Look at the shopping cart handle on that thing!
Joe Hero Nov 28, 2012
Agreed the spoiler is too big, but it is a RWD car so it may actually be for use and not so much just because racecar.
Kevin Morris Nov 28, 2012
Ricer looking! Kill the wing it's ugly!
Oscar Arias Nov 28, 2012
Looks like they took the spoiler off a Celica.
Cody Gillard Nov 28, 2012
Spoiler wouldnt fit through drive thru haha
Aaron Crisp Nov 28, 2012
I think it's a cool car... But a Chally is something else! I hardly see many Chally's. These things will be everywhere, give it a couple years.
Matt Piccolo Nov 28, 2012
@ victor, go for it! And the wing on this is too tall! I think a wing would look awesome on this, but not quite as tall
Patrick Schalk Nov 28, 2012
No way. I'd much rather have an RT Chally. Dont do it.
Victor A. Frederick Nov 28, 2012
I would trade my Challenger R/T for one of these, with extra power of course.
Dave Larby Nov 28, 2012
Agreed that wing really doesn't suit the car.
Owen Tiernan Nov 28, 2012
Agreed! I think a small duck tail would be slick!
Jahaziel Ortiz Nov 28, 2012
Ugly tail