Comments - Jeep Reveals Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary

Published: Nov 28, 2012
Description: Renowned as one of the world's most challenging off-road trails and used by Jeep to test its products, the Rubicon Trail was attached to the Wrangler back in 2003. Ten years on, Jeep is celebrati...
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Jeremy Siebert Nov 30, 2012
It's been 10 years of the Rubicon trim, which dates back to the TJ. The JK has "only" been around since 07...and there is no 6 year anniversary model.
Joshua Grant Robinson Nov 30, 2012
I didn't realize it had been ten years! It's a great rig. I just wish it was the size of the TJ. It's gotten a little big for my tastes. Maybe they'll finally make a pickup!
Brian Johnston Nov 30, 2012
Erich wranglers are one of the top vehicles that hold their value. I actually made money off driving one for a year. Lol.
Jitendra Patel Nov 29, 2012
i want it
Mike Puno Nov 28, 2012
I love it. Perfect for anything.
John Atnip Nov 28, 2012
Amazing Jeep! I want one immediately!
Brian Johnston Nov 28, 2012
That bumper with a spot for a winch will be nice. No need for ordering aftermarket for every jeep anymore.
Taylor Garry Nov 28, 2012
Its coming with km2's? Nice!
Lou Guerrero Nov 28, 2012
Looks fun
Description: The anniversary edition comes with a standard six-speed manual or five-speed automatic mated to a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 rated at 285 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. "As the most off-road capable Wra...
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Jason W. Evers Nov 30, 2012
I like the diesel idea
Aaron Crisp Nov 28, 2012
@Matthew It would be very top heavy with a 6.4. But the V6 is actually very powerful, a few simple mods and it's great.
Matthew Crighton Nov 28, 2012
I wish they would put the big 6.4 in the rubicon. It is awesome but mabey a little underpowered.
Devin Babyn Nov 28, 2012
Put a diesel and the manual in it then I'll be happy
Description: Black steel off-road bumpers and red tow hooks add toughness to both ends of the exterior, with the front bumper featuring removable end caps and a winch-capable design helping the Wrangler better ove...
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Jeremy Siebert Nov 30, 2012
Yes. Or purple. Just imagine how tough the tow hooks could be with stripes! Or spots...or plaid?
Scotty MacPherson Nov 28, 2012
So if the tow hooks were pink would that lower the toughness level?
Chad Schley Nov 29, 2012
I got KM2's for my dirt tires on my off road car. They hook up well.
Description: The interior is finished in red leather with silver accents with red stitching adorning the leather-wrapped steering wheel and center console. A unique instrument cluster features a premium Electronic...
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Joshua Grant Robinson Nov 30, 2012
That's nice!
Jommel Marcella Nov 29, 2012
Really like that hood design.
Chris McCormick Nov 28, 2012
My new fav. Jeep. My neighbor has a jeep 4door canyonland edition and I love it.
Devin Babyn Nov 28, 2012
It doesn't really fit for me, doesn't suit a Jeep. Probably doesn't help that they just took it from the viper
Lou Guerrero Nov 28, 2012
Hood looks good
Jitendra Patel Nov 29, 2012
i only like hard tops
Shelby Cassandra Nov 29, 2012
@Pat. Yes, I've been there. From this picture though it looks just like I stated. I wouldn't take my truck trough the whole Rubicon for sure though.
Edgar Jauregui Nov 29, 2012
Iove wranglers and this just makes me love them more!
Jack Howard Nov 29, 2012
Yeah that's like the hardest trail in the US
Patrick Schalk Nov 29, 2012
Haha Shelby I don't know if you've ever been to the Rubicon but I can assure you it's more than a dirt road with some rocks on the side.
Nicolas Blake Mullen Nov 29, 2012
Toyota sequoia off-roading for the win.
Judah Lindvall Nov 29, 2012
Lol yeah my Eclipse could handle this as long as its dry
Jack Howard Nov 29, 2012
It needs some bead locks!
Shelby Cassandra Nov 28, 2012
@Tyson. This is practically a downhill dirt road with rocks on the side of it. My Pantera could handle this terrain.
Jordan Smith Nov 28, 2012
That's awesome. I want a Wrangler just like that.
Mike Puno Nov 28, 2012
@Shelby Amen to that. 'Muricuh!
Tyson Broadbent Nov 28, 2012
Looks incredible! Great job by the jeep guys on this one. Still got to represent LR and say defenders could handle this terrain no problem.
Jimmy Williams Nov 28, 2012
I'm loving these bumpers. Hopefully they put them up for sale for less than the thousands Mopar normally wants.
Shelby Cassandra Nov 28, 2012
Yes, a landrover can still suck it. Doesn't compare to this.
Stephen Cobbs Nov 28, 2012
I know the Range Rover is good for Off roading but I dont know if its good enough to be Rubicon Trail Rated.
Aislin Cooper Nov 28, 2012
Damn looks good
Shaniqua Latisha Nov 28, 2012
What about landrover
Patrick Schalk Nov 28, 2012
This is freakin badass. Suck it, other offroad companies!!!!
Michael Lopez Nov 29, 2012
Some impressive stuff right there
Jerrod Swenson Nov 28, 2012
And that is factory
Patrick Schalk Nov 28, 2012
Look at that flex!
Patrick Schalk Nov 29, 2012
The leather in the new Saharas and Rubicons is actually really think like vinyl so you can wash it off with a hose.
Austin Lark Nov 29, 2012
It's the seats, dash, navigation system, i think they should make options for a rugged interior for wranglers or make interiors specifically for being covered in mud and grit but wash easily and work when the fun is over.
Michael Lopez Nov 29, 2012
Gorgeous for an off roaring vehicle
Lead Peddalin Nov 29, 2012
Love the red leather
Nick Benz Nov 29, 2012
Just get some seat covers. Then take them off when you have a date.
Aaron Crisp Nov 28, 2012
My friend put a marine radio in his so it's water proof haha
Amer Tawil Nov 28, 2012
Why not dude im sure theres an option for cloth so why not have both options
Patrick Schalk Nov 28, 2012
That's why mine is bare bones with manual locks and windows. It's a toy. But yeah I'd pull these seats out REAL quick and make some garage furniture out of them.
Devin Babyn Nov 28, 2012
I feel the same way. It's supposed to be barebones/utilitarian for a reason. If you want leather and nav you shouldn't be looking at a Wrangler
Chris Huff Nov 28, 2012
Chris Huff Nov 28, 2012
@Austin. I completely agree. I just doesn't feel like a wrangler
Austin Lark Nov 28, 2012
The only thing is the interior of the jeep wranglers are gettin almost too nice to me. I don't want to ruin the interior by covering it in mud from a fun day on the trails and in the mountains.
Walter Robinson Nov 28, 2012
I like it
Justin Routh Nov 28, 2012
Why not
Oleg Odessit Nov 28, 2012
Y red???