Comments - Fiat Debuts 500L Trekking in Los Angeles

Published: Nov 28, 2012
Description: If you're enamored of the Fiat 500 but you need more space than the little hatchback can offer, you may be interested in the 500L. Over two feet longer than the Cinquecento, the 500L offers four ...
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Stephen Ishard Nov 28, 2012
Mini explorer not bad
Description: While the European model comes with a range of engine options, the new US model packs an even more muscular version of the 1.4-liter MultiAir turbo four from the Abarth model, driving 160 horsepower a...
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Frederick Perez Nov 28, 2012
Decent hp!
Description: A two-tone cabin (with Chrysler's Uconnect infotainment system) and 17-inch wheels further set the Trekking model apart, while a contrasting roof like those you might find on a Mini or a Toyota F...
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Matt Close Dec 01, 2012
Mini hasn't been British in a long time, BMW has owned the rights to the mini name since the 90's
Anders Schrøder Nov 29, 2012
Fiat is massive planer like gm and Ford. Mini is owned by BMW.
Amer Tawil Nov 28, 2012
Idk who your refering to matt but mini is british and theyre not copying minis at all and second fiat is not gm lol they're with dodge n Chrysler
Mic Wong Nov 28, 2012
A humbler mini, not bad at all.
Matt Close Nov 28, 2012
Always one step behind mini, and they have to copy the looks now too!? Much rather have German engineering personally. BMW > GM
Chris McCormick Nov 28, 2012
A knock off of mini countryman
Noah Gavurin Nov 28, 2012
those wheels are awkwardly small proportionally
JB Kolod Nov 28, 2012
Holy mini countryman Batman!
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 28, 2012
How about a 4wd with some a/t's then you mite have something with a ball it's not powerful enough to have balls
Bala Uncc Nov 28, 2012
Looks like a retarded cousin of MINI
Matt Close Nov 28, 2012
Copied the mini!!! Minis are far superior anyway haha.
Franklin Lopez Nov 28, 2012
It's a MINI
Danyaal Farooq Nov 28, 2012
Definitely a lot of Mini Cooper going on here
David Jefferis Nov 28, 2012
500 in name only - blobular, graceless styling.
Sebastian Soroka Nov 29, 2012
That's my bike!!!
Frederick Perez Nov 28, 2012
Front looks nice, don't know about the entire car.
Danyaal Farooq Nov 28, 2012
The white looks ugly
Bala Uncc Nov 28, 2012
Background looks good
Matt Close Nov 28, 2012
Roofline is almost identical to the Countryman, let alone the entire concept.
Jon Ashley Nov 28, 2012
it looked nice, until the full body shots. These are terribly disproportional