Comments - Milan Abarth Builds an Insane Supercar

Published: Nov 27, 2012
Description: The name Abarth may be inexorably tied to Fiat, standing as it does these days for performance versions of the 500 and Punto. But that wasn't always the case. The company was founded by Karl Abar...
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Ben Norton Nov 27, 2012
Jared they tune fiats and produce special editions, they don't own or make them.
Jared Palmer Nov 27, 2012
Jenni it is the same company owned by Fiat! Did you not read or understand?
John M Weishahn Nov 27, 2012
Lola T70?
Victor Pitts Nov 27, 2012
Street legal P1 car!
Janak Solanki Nov 27, 2012
I remember the Coyote from Hardcastle and McCormick. Lol
Andrew Spad Nov 27, 2012
I can't believe this is the same company that builds fiats I'm impressed
Dale Schroeder Nov 27, 2012
Ultima. Stupid autocorrect.
Dale Schroeder Nov 27, 2012
I thought it was an Ultimate GTR for a second there.
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 27, 2012
Anyone remember the coyote its back
Drew Humphrey Nov 27, 2012
Wow! :)
Description: Unveiled in Monaco last week, the Milan Abarth supercar is a race car for the road, looking something like a Radical or a Dauer Porsche 962. Although details remain rather sketchy, the Milan Abarth is...
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Rita Robinet Nov 27, 2012
Never thought I'd say it but I think 1700 hp is a bit much for this type of car. Looks like a death trap to me.
Stephen Ishard Nov 27, 2012
Lol bonkers
Mario Callirgos Nov 27, 2012
All that from a fiat 500 ; $
Melvin Cerrillo Nov 27, 2012
300k euros is relatively cheap for a car that is extremely limited and has these kind of figures
Reid Huff Nov 27, 2012
No it doesn't feel like a lot until you get to about 2000hp.
Jake Judges Nov 27, 2012
1700 hp's gotta little kick I think
omarSV Dec 03, 2012
@Erich thats exactly why i said 'its a smoother/curvy version'. They look incredibly similar, same overall size and dimensions, like they share the chassis. very cool
Mladen Sakotic Nov 28, 2012
Did you look it up? I did thy look similar. I think this looks like a newer version of the ultima GTR
omarSV Nov 27, 2012
Very cool. it looks like a smoother/curvy version of Jon Olsson's Ultima GTR. (Google it if you dont know what it is)
Reece Andrew Loughmiller Nov 27, 2012
It dosnt look "new", it has lines belonging to a pre 2004 car, not my favorite years. I still like it.
Lead Peddalin Nov 27, 2012
I do not like it at all.
Justen Castle Nov 27, 2012
Reminds me of Tim Burton's Batmobile.
Luke Purdy Nov 27, 2012
I actually love this
Reid Huff Nov 27, 2012
It looks fantastic. I did not even see this coming.
Carlton Salmon Nov 27, 2012
How long before someone mistakes it for a kit car?
Neil Carmichael Nov 27, 2012
A few Q's from the Sagaris / P4/5 and 962. Nicely done
Eric Anthony Nov 27, 2012
He said pipes not pipe
Cam Heaney Nov 27, 2012
Paul Dickey Nov 27, 2012
Sick not six
John Hyland Nov 27, 2012
Don't you mean one?
Scott Kennedy Nov 27, 2012
Sick exhaust pipes
Dayan Fernandez Batista Dec 10, 2012
Not a fan of this. But if were kind of superhero, probably I would drive one.
Brian Johnston Nov 27, 2012
Fugly. To utilitarian.
Nick Benz Nov 27, 2012
The windshield is pretty steep. But i bet you get an incredible view of the road from it
Michael Beach Nov 27, 2012
I don't know why, but I don't like this
Ryan Rainville Nov 27, 2012
It looks like a Daytona prototype
Tylergrandstaff Dec 02, 2012
man looks like crape inside.
Ryan Faber Nov 28, 2012
is it me or does this look like it hss only one seat for the driver??
Zack Herzer Nov 28, 2012
Ronin exige copy... Everyone copies that car... Ddmworks Ariel atom 700.... Twin charged, light weight, British car, 700hp... Sound familiar?
Brian Johnston Nov 27, 2012
Figured out where they cut their weight
John M Weishahn Nov 27, 2012
For €300,000 they could have made an interior that looked better than the speakerbox my neighbor built in 1996.
Nick Schnee Nov 27, 2012
I guess anyone can reach 'em... you're almost lying in such cars, rather nthan sitting, anyway.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 27, 2012
Dude must have some long ass legs to reach those pedals.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 27, 2012
Yeah seriously it's not supposed to have leather and nice interior. This is just a pure driving machine. Love it
Kyle Rawn Nov 27, 2012
@Michael no use arguing with that kid. Stuck up kid whose daddy buys everything for him.
Michael Davidson Nov 27, 2012
It's a race car, did you expect leather wrapped stuff everywhere?
Walter Robinson Nov 27, 2012
Exposed shift linkage! (Though its probably a sequential)
Jeremy Moniz Nov 27, 2012
Pretty straight forward interior, I like it