Comments - Ferrari F12 by Wheelsandmore

Published: Nov 27, 2012
Description: Ferrari's new flagship is starting to attract the attentions of the tuning world, and having seen German tuning house Novitec Rosso's interpretation of the V12 super-GT, it's time to ch...
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Roggina Froggina Nov 28, 2012
No one is worthy to touch this divine engine!! Get your dirty hands off! I like the stripe though, loose the wheels. Gt1 spec single center lug nut for me please.
Kyle Rawn Nov 28, 2012
Oh another article about some company adding wheels and exhaust. Boy I needed another one of these articles.
Carlo Gumball Nov 28, 2012
cazzo che macchina
Jon Ashley Nov 27, 2012
CRAP I'm an idiot. Just read the article. And your second comment. I'm just gonna go to bed now...
Jon Ashley Nov 27, 2012
I'm not 100% sure, but I think its an electronically controlled valve in the exhaust that can open or close to let out more sound and airflow. If anyone knows, please tell me if I'm wrong.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Nov 27, 2012
Nvm, just read the article
Adithya Chandrasekhar Nov 27, 2012
What do they mean: remote cotrolled exhaust system?
Dave Lukas Carrasquillo May 28, 2013
My 7 year old son loved this one here!
Allen Kim Dec 04, 2012
It does look a bit like a souped up vette. But it's a testament to how good a design the c5 / c6 vette is.
Flux Flow Nov 28, 2012
Company should change its name to WHEELandmore!
Mike Puno Nov 27, 2012
"Work hard, play hard" lol
Tyler Tarbox Nov 27, 2012
Whiz Khalifa's car lol
Jacob Burford Nov 27, 2012
I will stick with a stock F12 in Dark Blue!
Zeus Mocha Nov 27, 2012
I want this so bad
Colby Church Nov 27, 2012
I love black and yellow :)
Shelby Cassandra Nov 27, 2012
Looks great! Though I would still go for the SLS Black Series.
Kaigan Viner Nov 27, 2012
I like everything but the style of wheels. Ferraris need 5-spokes!
Yatish Wentink Nov 27, 2012
I think the F12 looks better in yellow than red, it totally fits the car. I like it
Jeremy Moniz Nov 27, 2012
This looks awesome, although black interior would have been nice
Raschard Jackson Nov 27, 2012
Original for me please! My dream car!
Walter Robinson Nov 27, 2012
Umm, I'll take a pretty car like a huayra or an lp
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 27, 2012
Needs black and yellow interior not tan
Stephen Cobbs Nov 27, 2012
Its not Wheels and More without the stripe haha
Drew Humphrey Nov 27, 2012
Me too. Can't mess with perfection.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 27, 2012
Looks cool but I'd keep my F12 stock
Owen Tiernan Nov 27, 2012
@Erich If it looks good and the colours work together than why not? Why does the car have to have an original colour scheme?
Nick Schnee Nov 27, 2012
Perfect! Even the stripe!
Description: At the push of a button the volume of the handmade exhaust can be increased to eardrum-bursting levels and can be ordered as a standalone item to reduce weight and increase power by twenty ponies. Whe...
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Description: Currently under development are bespoke springs and coilover suspension that will lower the F12 by 30 mm, as well as a range of carbon-fiber body parts and attachments. In other words, Wheelsandmore i...
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Colby Church Nov 27, 2012
Jack Higgins Nov 28, 2012
@ mark pasillas- i agree
Mark Pasillas Nov 27, 2012
Looks good in yellow
Chris Fitz Nov 28, 2012
Fantastic..I need to hit powerball..
Hunter Wolfe Nov 28, 2012
Good idea on changing tail lights though. They need to do something different
Hunter Wolfe Nov 28, 2012
I like the rear end a lot
Chris Scherzer Nov 27, 2012
Hate the rear end of this car
Jitendra Patel Nov 27, 2012
ferrari needs to loose the round tail lights they look ugly
Raschard Jackson Nov 27, 2012
One of the best looking rear ends in the biz
Jeyhoon Jahanroshan Nov 27, 2012
I don't like the black stripe on the hood.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 27, 2012
It would looke even better if the lip was black
Drew Humphrey Nov 27, 2012
Now I like that :O
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 27, 2012
That would look even better if tgeywer completley carbon fiber. I saw anF430 once with all CB rims. It was amazing :)