Comments - BMW Reveals i3 Coupe Concept

Published: Nov 27, 2012
Description: BMW's i family of electric cars hasn't even hit the market yet, but already the Bavarian automaker is presenting new concepts. Following the i3, i8 and i8 Roadster concepts comes the new i3 ...
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Mansour Pro Nov 28, 2012
Cool it not cAme to emirates on middle east
Luke Purdy Nov 28, 2012
The specs Rent too bad for a electric car
Thibault Leroy Nov 27, 2012
I think its going to launch just give it a few years
JB Kolod Nov 27, 2012
I don't think the i brand is ever going to launch, wasn't the i3 supposed to be out by now?
Chris Gaines Nov 28, 2012
well played nick, well played lol. I live near the tesla factory and yea, the model s is beautiful though. tesla has the right idea, I hope they never bother with a city car
Serg Karchevsky Nov 28, 2012
By the time it comes out it will look like Prius.
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 28, 2012
I hope they don't start to make other BMW look like that.
Jon Ashley Nov 27, 2012
Its called the Tesla Model S. The only electric car I would actually buy. I actually saw one in person on the road today . Stunning in person
Jerrod Swenson Nov 27, 2012
Good to see the Torrent survived the death of Pontiac.
Nick Benz Nov 27, 2012
Because they dont drive as well as the good looking cars.
Chris Gaines Nov 27, 2012
why can't they make electric cars look good??
mikegauros Nov 27, 2012
Yes yes yes yes
Raschard Jackson Nov 27, 2012
No no no no no
Description: The electric powertrain drives the rear wheels through a single-speed transmission. While the new coupe concept rides on the same wheelbase as the four-door i3, the roof is chopped down and the windsh...
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Raymond Reynoso Nov 28, 2012
Wool? In a car?
David Lender Nov 28, 2012
Nice rims but everything else is horrible
Luke Purdy Nov 28, 2012
I like it. Nice wheels too
Lead Peddalin Nov 28, 2012
Please don't do this.
Jordan Smith Nov 27, 2012
What in the world happened here? It's sorta good in some places yet awful in others.
Terrance Parker Nov 27, 2012
I like it
Chris Gaines Nov 27, 2012
this car would look great if they took the back and gave it an actual coupe's slope, and then extended the nose to make it sleeker
Franklin Lopez Nov 27, 2012
I kinda like it. Make it a trike instead of a 4 wheeler a la CanAm Spyder and te might be onto something for cramped cities
Jacob Greenleaf Nov 27, 2012
I don't know what's up with the back windows but companies are doing that more and more today(i.e. Honda Odessy)
Shane Prasad Nov 27, 2012
It would be a cute car had they not messed up the back windows.
Drew Humphrey Nov 27, 2012
What's up with the random dip in the windshield...
Jeremiah Goins Nov 27, 2012
Don't like the genesis coupè belt line here.
Timothy Hooker Nov 27, 2012
Mark Ifill-Haney Nov 28, 2012
Front needs improvement, but I like the side.
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 28, 2012
Angry hippo.
Alex Bouckley Nov 27, 2012
I like it
Ben Koch Nov 27, 2012
Greg, you need to see your local eye doctor....
Greg Kenerly Nov 27, 2012
I love it. Beats the heck out of the Fiesta ST. Price probably does too.
Adam Wieland Nov 27, 2012
Put a turbo four with a six speed and that'll be a big sell
Randy Geniec Nov 29, 2012
NICE 155/45/19 TIRES. Are you kidding me?
Timothy Hooker Nov 28, 2012
who cares...fat tires rock
Chris Benson Nov 28, 2012
It's less about aerodynamics and more about rolling resistance.
Aislin Cooper Nov 28, 2012
I really like BMW. But this is terrible.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 27, 2012
Brandon has a point, but that's not the main reason-it's to do with aerodynamics. If you have thinner tires, you have less aerodynamic drag, hence better fuel economy, which is a big point of the i family...
Borphan Limthong Nov 27, 2012
Looks like a brown pig from Angry Birds
Janak Solanki Nov 27, 2012
Why does it have bike tires in the front?
Ron Vinson Nov 27, 2012
Totally lost me here.
Thibault Leroy Nov 27, 2012
Very small tires
Franklin Lopez Nov 27, 2012
Ohoh... Thos tail lights look very Japanese.
Cam Adams Nov 27, 2012
tron lights on the back
Zac D'Anna Nov 28, 2012
What are they thinking with that side window??
Nick Benz Nov 27, 2012
Not quite. Doesnt look so bad though
Franklin Lopez Nov 27, 2012
Interior by Ikea