Comments - 5 Epic Russian Car Crash Survival Clips

Published: Nov 27, 2012
Description: Anyone who has ever seen a Russian dash cam video knows just how dangerous driving in Russia can be. Russian drivers effectively gamble their lives every time they get into the car. While many drivers...
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Adam Ramey Nov 27, 2012
Dash cams are very popular in Russia for some reason
Thibault Leroy Nov 27, 2012
I dont think they are required to have them but alot of them do because of insurance reasons
Drew Humphrey Nov 27, 2012
Aren't there tons of Russian accident videos because they are required to have dashboard cameras? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Description: This guy is one of the world's luckiest Lada owners. His car gets absolutely destroyed by a big rig, yet he seems no worse for wear as a result.
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Marllus Gandrud Dec 05, 2012
Dayan Fernandez Batista Nov 30, 2012
Lada! One of the uglies cars in world, however, that time machine keep you way more safe than any good looking cheap plastic made Toyota, Ford or what ever medium range car in the market!
Kevin Blockley Nov 29, 2012
Madness , Russian just don't give a shit! And the sad part they take pride of this. Lol
Bailey McLendon Nov 27, 2012
What if he switched seats so fast, the blur of his head was caught on camera.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 27, 2012
I dont het why he did that. He just through into the other lane
Chad Hunter Nov 27, 2012
Lucky dumb ass
Description: The truck driver in this video is lucky to be alive. The driver of the other truck should never have made such a reckless turn, but that still doesn't explain why the second driver (the boss) was...
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Bennett Lugosi Dec 15, 2012
I like it how he just flies through the windshield and starts walking around emberessed.
Description: This clip is unique in that the person surviving the crash (like a boss) isn't actually driving. Not even the sidewalk is safe in Russia.
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Marllus Gandrud Dec 05, 2012
Kevin Blockley Nov 29, 2012
Those legs so close from being crushed!! Lol .thats Russia for you
Chad Hunter Nov 27, 2012
Lol she just left after seeing her life flash before her eyes! Crazy!!
Description: There is so much win in this video it's almost hard to keep track of. First, a guy somehow manages to survive being the meat in a car crash sandwich. Second, the crash is positioned perfectly so ...
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Sam Oglesby Nov 28, 2012
I think he did something for worse than that in them
Marco Fantillo Nov 27, 2012
He def pissed his pants
Description: What's the best way to exit a car after it rolls several times? If you said "casually," then you're correct.
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