Comments - 2014 Mini Cooper Wears New Glasses

Published: Nov 27, 2012
Description: Cars like the Mini Cooper are not known for receiving radical redesigns. Due to the nature of the car itself, BMW's Mini division was careful not to mess too much with a good thing when it launch...
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Sivert Grande Nov 28, 2012
@Cooper I see what you did there :P
Lou Guerrero Nov 27, 2012
I've driven an 07 Cooper S in Germany and I talked my ex into buying one. I like them just feels like they peaked already.
Cooper Branham Nov 27, 2012
I cant imagine all the nicknames id get if I drove one....
3stings Nov 27, 2012
Mini's are just a different breed of car. You cannot explain the just have to drive one. I love my Mini ( 2011 Cooper S hardtop Chili Red.)
Lou Guerrero Nov 27, 2012
I'm I the only one that thinks "ok mini, we get it." When a new one rolls out?
Tanton Stoneman Nov 27, 2012
Yay, the mini isn't going to be completely fugly anymore!!
Cian Mac Gearailt Nov 27, 2012
Looks like they really went all out on the changes
Kyle Rawn Nov 27, 2012
Well considering they have been around since the 60s, I don't think they're going away soon.
Kyle Christenson Nov 27, 2012
I hope Minis are just a fad
Description: This latest batch of pictures from our intrepid spy photographers clearly show the new model's front and rear light designs. Unlike the current model's round headlights, the new model's...
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Connor Short Nov 27, 2012
I hope those are LED's! And why don't you like it? It looks the same as all the rest for the most part
Ben Koch Nov 27, 2012
I dont think I like the back
Tyler Chess Nov 27, 2012
That slope on the front is kind of like a soul or juke