Comments - Vettel and Red Bull Win F1 Championship (Again)

Published: Nov 26, 2012
Description: The 2012 Formula One World Championship just wrapped up in Brazil, closing one of the most enthralling seasons in grand prix history. At the beginning of the season, no fewer than six world champions ...
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Matthew Mckernan Nov 28, 2012
...Alonso deserved the championship. But oh we'll, there's always next season.
Matthew Mckernan Nov 28, 2012
That was perhaps one of the best races I've ever seen, but I really wish Fernando won the title. He drove so well in that car throughout the year and it sucks that he missed out on the title by such a small margin. Vettel is a great driver, but IMO,
Dennis Choong Nov 28, 2012
I've to agree Hamilton is right up there with the best as a racer. If not for car failing him repeatedly in the race & the crew bungled pitstop he's definitely in contention
Dennis Choong Nov 28, 2012
..that's fast enough to qualify on the front grid & running away at the start. Put Vettel on the 3rd row of the grid and the odds of him winning isn't that great. That's not the mark of a great racer, not to mention a 3X WDC
Dennis Choong Nov 28, 2012
Vettel scored his 1st pt at Indianapolis in a BMW Williams that has been scoring pts consistently in the hands of their regular drivers. I'm not denying Vettel's speed at front of the pack, but that's no different to Massa at his prime in a Ferrari..
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Nov 28, 2012
And not the driver, I'm not saying The red bull car Is bad, but if Vettel wasn't a good driver, the great car wouldn't help
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Nov 28, 2012
Before Vettel raced for red bull he was the youngest driver to ever score a point in formula one, among other things, basically you're telling me I could hop Into Vettels car and win the WDC? Because it seems you're telling me that it is the car?
Jacob Burford Nov 27, 2012
I like Vettel, but when it comes to driver skill, I think Hamilton is the best. If his car was more reliable throughout the season then I think he could have battled with Vettel and Alonso for the championship!
Dennis Choong Nov 27, 2012
Anyone who's followed F1 & RB long enough knows Vettel is Helmut Marko's golden boy. Before Vettel's 1st WDC title in 2010, Webber & Vettel are evenly matched when they are allowed to race. 2011 onwards RB development program favors Vettel
Dennis Choong Nov 27, 2012
If Vettel was that great where was he in the WDC order before RB's resurgence from Singapore GP? His surge in pts from then on basically came from winning starting from the front row of the grid in a dominant car.
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Nov 27, 2012
No, Vettel deserved the title, Ferrari got all the chances possible in Brazil, they couldn't have gotten any luckier, but it still wasn't quite enough, Vettel did an amazing race and noone can take that from him
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Nov 27, 2012
Webber is almost always in the lower half of the top 6 (which I count as the 2 Mclarens, 2 Ferraris and the 2 red bulls) beaten often by at least one of the two "lesser" Ferraris
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Nov 27, 2012
Everyone needs to stop saying its all thanks to the car, sure, it's a great car, and Mr. Newey made an awesome job, but give credit where credit is due, if Vettel only owes his victories to the car, than how come he is 3X champion and not Webber?
Dennis Choong Nov 27, 2012
It's a pity the 2012 Ferrari isn't on par with the RedBull the last 3rd of the season or Alonso would have won. He's been amazing this season. Though Vettel is a 3X world champion, I wouldn't consider him a great just yet winning with a dominant car.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Nov 27, 2012
No, Vettel wasn't the best one, Ferrari was the one that loosed, Red Bull was the one that won, Alonso was the one that should won, Vettel was the one that should become second.
Rocky Rocker Nov 26, 2012
3 in a row. Way to go Vettel. Now, did Alonzo deserve it. That's the million dollar question! Sure it's easy to say he go bumped out of two races that were not his fault. But how does one draw a line whether its mechanical, driver errors and so forth. I believe being there at the Right time does have its advantages. Alonzo vs Vettel? The best man won, especially during this last, the "Best" race a...
Jack Corah Nov 26, 2012
I really wish ferrari could win this year but oh well there's always next year to win
Thibault Leroy Nov 26, 2012
Wow that was a great race and im for Alonso but i have to respect Vetel for being able to come back after all of the missfortunes which happened to him from the beginning of the race
Spencer Warkentin Nov 26, 2012
I have to say, as much if a Vettel fan as I am, Alonso drove the heck out of that car all year. That was easily a tenth place car at the beginning of the year
Nathaniel Young Nov 26, 2012
That was one hell of a race, instant classic
Kyle Malcomson Nov 26, 2012
Have to agree alonso was the best driver
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Nov 26, 2012
Noooooooo!!NOOOOOO!!!! Yes, the car was muuuch better than Alonso's car, but for the driving, Alonso is the one that should won the championship
Description: Ultimately it was Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing who scored their third consecutive world championship, making Vettel F1's youngest triple champion ever - a record held until now by the lat...
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Description: Once the grid was sorted out in qualifying, things didn't look good for Alonso, who placed eighth, as Vettel placed fourth. Wet conditions and some technical setbacks put Sebastian at the back of...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 27, 2012
Go Raikonnen! Hes been my favorite driver sonce i went to Indianopolis Motor speedway, when he came in second just behind Schumacher.
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Nov 27, 2012
@rocky, agreed, and this isn't the first time, he has done it before in this season too
Rocky Rocker Nov 26, 2012
And to come back from the rear of the Grid, that's why he's better...
Thibault Leroy Nov 26, 2012
Vettel did not have technical problems, he spun out in the second turn after getting hit from the side
Description: Lewis Hamilton finished with 190, Jenson Button with 188 and Mark Webber with 179. Michael Schumacher scored only 49 points, finishing his last season in F1 in thirteenth place with 49 points and only...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 27, 2012
I feel so lucky to have seen Schumacher race teice in my life.
Larry Martino Nov 26, 2012
I'll miss Schumacher. My brother calls him a trader because he retired and came back but racing fir Mercedes. He is still one of the best racers ever. I always rooted for him no matter how bad he was doing
Skylar Drake Nov 26, 2012
I believe Schumacher was there only to make the car good enough to compete. I don't think he's lost his touch, if he was driving a Ferrari/RedBull/McLaren it would be different. Now that he has made the car competitive, they found a driver he's done.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 27, 2012
Ilike the McLarens better
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Nov 27, 2012
Even do I think Ferrari is a lousy, whiney no good team who always need to get everything their way (nothing at Alonso or Massa, Amazing drivers) I must say that their car is the most beautiful one out there!
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Nov 27, 2012
I don't think so, it looks like slicks are being put on, and the long pitstop was from slicks to intermediates
Read Mills Nov 27, 2012
Was that the pit that took so long?
Lee Gardner Nov 26, 2012
Start practicing
Nick Benz Nov 26, 2012
I want to be him.