Comments - This is Where Quattros Come From

Published: Nov 26, 2012
Description: Not everyone gets the chance to visit the factory to witness their car being built, and even fewer are fortunate enough to have the means to own an Audi R8. For those who are unable to do either, Moto...
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Douglas Muir Nov 26, 2012
I was hoping "where it came from" meant legacy vehicles.
Description: Alongside the mid-engined supercar, Quattro GmbH also turns standard models such as the A4 and A6 into legends like the RS4 and RS6. The list of great performance Audis goes on, but for anyone who&apo...
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Mohammed Shamma Nov 26, 2012
R8 is a true legend. It was already hot and with adding these head lamps it makes it irresistable
Sam McCracken Nov 28, 2012
that is an AUDI RS5 baby
Adam Beiersdorfer Nov 26, 2012
Oh I don't know the A1 is unique... It has some cool options for a car it's size and price... That's actually the more heavy duty RS5 model... Even more exciting except the fact they didn't give us the manual here stateside... :-(
Cian Mac Gearailt Nov 26, 2012
In Europe we have had the a1 the worst looking car ever made matt
Craig Lafey Nov 26, 2012
S5 Babi!!! Damn love it.
Matt Piccolo Nov 26, 2012
I love these things! I really cannot recall one ugly car, or a car I don't like as a matter a fact, that Audi has made in the last 10 years!
Drew Humphrey Nov 26, 2012
Favorite car :) one of these days I want to buy a used one and soup it up. That's a dream of mine!
Sam McCracken Jun 16, 2013
Kyle McCullough Nov 27, 2012
That is a great color combo
Kai Andrew Carlson Nov 26, 2012
Wouldn't change a thing. I'll take it as is. Stunning!!
Raschard Jackson Nov 26, 2012
Really, really good looking.
Thibault Leroy Nov 26, 2012
Such a beautiful car