Comments - Morgan Presents 3 Wheeler Gulf Edition

Published: Nov 26, 2012
Description: As much as we're enthralled to see the latest trends in automotive design when automakers unveil their new concept cars, there's a part of us - a big, drooling, nostalgic part - that just go...
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Grant Paquin Nov 26, 2012
Agreed John, cool ass car company and cars.
John Atnip Nov 26, 2012
Morgan. Such an amazing car company that gets such little recognition. The Aero Max Super Sport is one of my top three dream cars.
Gazel Hebbert Nov 26, 2012
Like the interior!
Description: The latter is a classic baby-blue and orange color scheme used by the Gulf oil company and stands as one of the most classic racing liveries of all time. Now the two have come together for this specia...
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Description: On display this week at the Motorcycle Live show in England, Morgan is pricing the special-edition 3 Wheeler at £29,162.50, before taxes. That makes it over four thousand quid dearer than the sto...
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John Atnip Nov 27, 2012
@Joe, it's so quick because it weighs around 1200 pounds with an S&S Cycles engine that has 132ci displacement.
Patrick Schalk Nov 26, 2012
Ehhhh I'd rather have a Caterham.
Joe Criscione Nov 26, 2012
But why are they do goddamn fast for their size and engine? Lol
John Serely Nov 26, 2012
I love these. I would love one as a weekend fun car.
Walter Robinson Nov 26, 2012
Which is exactly why you buy one
Nick Schnee Nov 26, 2012
Epic shit. I'd love to get one, the problem is, these things are impractical as heck... and they're not cheap, either.
Stephen Ishard Nov 26, 2012
Not a fan
Daniel Eads Nov 26, 2012
Making an already stunning car even more awesome.
Jerrod Swenson Nov 26, 2012
Thing looks like it should have a pole going up behind the cockpit, like all the other bumper cars have.
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Nov 26, 2012
John Serely Nov 26, 2012
I totally agree, thibault. Hopefully they continue to stay alive
Thibault Leroy Nov 26, 2012
Its great to see a small company like morgan still doing well today