Comments - Hennessey Previews 2013 Venom GT

Published: Nov 26, 2012
Description: There is no such thing as too much horsepower for John Hennessey. No matter what project the man and his company are working on, they always manage to outdo the rest in building some of the most extre...
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Lance Vincent Aug 07, 2013
A American Hypercar that can beat Pagani, Koenigsegg and Veyron with a not big price tag as those brands that costs more than $1.4M
Owen Tiernan Nov 26, 2012
Felix Rhett Nov 26, 2012
Wake up--new venom, new agera--I love this app.
Steven Luginsland Dec 19, 2012
Noah Collins Dec 09, 2012
D/-\ /\/\ /\/!!!!
Garrett Hullender Nov 28, 2012
Jacob Burford Nov 27, 2012
I like it! Exotic, yet has nice lines!
Justin Routh Nov 27, 2012
Yeah it can change from 850, 1000, and 1200 hp
Preston Ming Nov 27, 2012
out of all the vids I've seen of it driving..yeah you wheel spin at the shift but it grabs the road pretty well
Mike Gobeli Nov 27, 2012
Jon the old one has 3 power settings to make it easier to drive
Reece Andrew Loughmiller Nov 27, 2012
I'm not big on the faux fish mouth front end
Daniel Levy Nov 27, 2012
Should be the main news feed
Justin Routh Nov 26, 2012
@Jon this wasnt built for top speed, he built it for power to weight and it happened to be good for top speed too
John Serely Nov 26, 2012
This is such a big improvement over the last one. One of my big criticisms for the last one was the styling, and they improved. Not as good as it could be, but certainly better
Geoff Novak Nov 26, 2012
I want it. I love lotus. I love lots of hp. And i definitly love john hennessy
Jon Ashley Nov 26, 2012
1500, my mistake. I understand that this car is built for top speed above all else, but it cant be driven anywhere.
Jon Ashley Nov 26, 2012
No matter what, 1200 bhp to the rear wheels is just stupid. you'll be fishtailing all the way through 4th gear even with a fraction of the full power
Jordan Smith Nov 26, 2012
What do you mean agreed Dylan? Do you know what this car even is?
Jackson Michael Nov 26, 2012
Can we PLEASE just agree to never argue over whether or not the venom is based of the exige? It literally happens every time there's an article about it.
Felix Rhett Nov 26, 2012
@raschard correct. The venom uses the exige chassis, and a twin turbocharged LS2 engine made by Chevrolet.
Andrew Hossann Nov 26, 2012
I actually thought it was a heavily modded exige
Dylan Lougheex Nov 26, 2012
The top of the body looks like the tommy kaira zz2 from the back side
Dylan Lougheex Nov 26, 2012
@preston Totally agree about the exige
Preston Ming Nov 26, 2012
it's a Lotus Exige stretched and widened
Raschard Jackson Nov 26, 2012
I never got a clear answer about the lotus-like design. Was this ACTUALLY designed based on a lotus chassis? Or did they just take the the general look of a lotus and tweak some things?
Nick Schnee Nov 26, 2012
Are yousaying stock Lotuses aren't cool, Timothy?
Austin Sullivan Nov 26, 2012
So much better than the old one. I love this.
Timothy Hooker Nov 26, 2012
its a lotus...der.... but its a Texas lotus. so its way cool
Raschard Jackson Nov 26, 2012
Like this one better than the old one.
Owen Tiernan Nov 26, 2012
It was designed from a Lotus because Hennessy wanted to do the same thing Carroll Shelby did with the AC Cobra. Drop a massive American motor in a tiny British car.
Jon Wheel Nov 26, 2012
Everyone knows it's a modded don't have to tell us that
Pablo Herasme Nov 26, 2012
Like how they are trying to make it not look like a lotus
Drew Humphrey Nov 26, 2012
Yeah people this thing is basically a tuned Lotus (but very very much modified)
Thibault Leroy Nov 26, 2012
I dont like this, i definitly prefered the old one
Nick Schnee Nov 26, 2012
You don't say Michael?
Tyler Tarbox Nov 26, 2012
Dillion, heck yeah! Me too! I'm Texan first, American second
Dillon Dixon Nov 26, 2012
I am so proud to be a Texan right now!
Michael Beach Nov 26, 2012
Very Lotus-y to me
Zeus Mocha Nov 26, 2012
I liked the first one but it was not great because of the lotus looks. This on the other hand, not too different, looks significantly better.
Mike Carbaugh Nov 26, 2012
O my lanta
JB Kolod Nov 26, 2012
New headlights are good choice but more power I'm not so sure haha it's already beyond ridiculous
Patrick Schalk Nov 26, 2012
Freakin sweet. Love that color too
Michael Kozlowski Nov 26, 2012
Headlights and new front end give this cars front end an interesting new look...a look I like a lot
Kieran Ward Nov 26, 2012
Now this I like
Description: The only major details we've been rewarded with so far are these images showing what the new car likely will look like upon completion. It looks like Hennessey and Co. were inspired by McLaren&ap...
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Description: That said, we're anxious to see what upgrades have been performed on the 7.0-liter twin-turbo V8 which currently produces more than 1,500 horsepower - that's a monstrous ratio of less than o...
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Lance Vincent Aug 07, 2013
Buggati's are the most powerful car in the world, they use W16 engine with quad-turbo system to perform well, not like Koenigsegg that uses V8 engine, twin-turbo and a supercharger.
Lance Vincent Aug 07, 2013
Maybe Hennessey can be a well-known brand in the future by not using Lotus cars, or build a car.
Preston Ming Nov 27, 2012
if I'm not mistaken..doesn't the SSC Ultimate Aero TT make the 0-300 is less than 12 sec?
Carlton Salmon Nov 27, 2012
I can see the point Daniel is trying to make. 1500 bhp in a very light car makes for exciting reading and bragging down the pub, but it still needs to be backed-up with hard facts and figures. I for one can't wait.
Daniel Anglevik Nov 27, 2012
So... When will it brake the world record 0-300-0, 0-300, 300-0 km/h, 0-200-0, 0-200, 200-0 mph ? Agera R has that record. Agera R makes 0-300km/h in 14,53sec, Veyron SS with 1200hp makes it in about 17sec !! The Venom?
Kyle Christenson Nov 27, 2012
They should produce more of them and lower the price
Aislin Cooper Nov 27, 2012
Is this engine based off the LS7 from the Z06?
Raschard Jackson Nov 26, 2012
@Kevin I think it's a little more complicated than that! Lol but yeah I know what you mean..
John Lauderdale Nov 26, 2012
They need to test the top speed! They know they can beat the Bugatti!
Tyler Ray DeFord Nov 26, 2012
A manual sounds good but how scary would it be to change gear at 200mph
Patrick Schalk Nov 26, 2012
Daniel, don't try to make stuff. I wanna see this vs the Agera as much as the next guy but in NO way is this car "rubbish". It costs a million dollars for a reason.
Justin Routh Nov 26, 2012
@Daniel watch some videos of this car being driven it might change your mind
Kevin Lavier Nov 26, 2012
@Daniel. Yes the agera is more refined but this car is supposed to be a car for drivers wich means nearly no electronic help. Its just an engine ( a rather large one) a steering wheel and some tires.
Jordan Smith Nov 26, 2012
Rubbish? You call this rubbish? Look up the facts before stating that. Both cars are awesome but in no way is this "rubbish".
Daniel Anglevik Nov 26, 2012
Im afraid the Venom is rubbish. Everyone can make alot of hp BUT you have to put it into action. A test between this and the Agera R will sertinly proove that the Agera R is the better allround-supercar. Alot faster on a track as well.
Johnny Francis Nov 26, 2012
Shit I drive a stock g35 coupe, 280hp and it's a blast.
Raschard Jackson Nov 26, 2012
@Bren ahahahaha! I know right?! I have fun in my subie! I can't even imagine driving a 1,500hp car!
Owen Tiernan Nov 26, 2012
That's like controlling an army of horses! Crazy!
Pablo Herasme Nov 26, 2012
Koenigsegg, Bugatti, and Hennessy are going to start ww3
Nick Schnee Nov 26, 2012
I guess they'll do a 2000 hp Koenigsegg before a 1600 hp Veyron...
David Harris Nov 26, 2012
Hhaah love this more than veyron
Bren Bracken Nov 26, 2012
I wonder if they're doing this as a response to the 1600hp veryon in the future. 1500hp I couldn't imagine how much fun that would be I have fun in my 300hp car
Sam Wickstrom Nov 26, 2012
1500!!!?? I thought the Bugatti was powerful!
Michael Beach Nov 26, 2012
Good looks, 1500HP and a proper manual?! Get one on Top Gear UK ASAP!
Noah Gavurin Nov 26, 2012
a manual transmission in a supercar? finally someone understands
Cody Gillard Nov 26, 2012
I like it but i dont love it but i can already tell it is going to grow on me...a lot
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 26, 2012
Zeus Mocha Nov 26, 2012
Berry nizee
Tracy Keiser Dron Nov 26, 2012
That looks awesome!!!!!!
Bruno Rocha Nov 28, 2012
Ferrari Headlights. Thats it
Jacob Burford Nov 27, 2012
Like the headlights, although I feel I've seen them before.
Reece Andrew Loughmiller Nov 27, 2012
Ford headlights
Coleman DuCharme Nov 27, 2012
The curves on and around the headlights are clean, elegant, and simple. It just looks like it would slide through the air.
Aj White Nov 27, 2012
The headlights remind me of the Ferrari California.
Justin Routh Nov 27, 2012
I bet it would have a great ring time its only 2700 lbs
Patrick Schalk Nov 26, 2012
I guarantee this would post a solid time. I'd love to see a pro try to drive this around the ring
Adam Solomon Nov 26, 2012
You don't think this thing will be good around "the ring"? I've never been to Germany but my money says this thing would go sub 7:20. Sure, it's not designed to go around bends but I bet it's fast by default.
Jackson Michael Nov 26, 2012
Most of the top cars on there
Jackson Michael Nov 26, 2012
By ring time are you talking about the Nurburgring? Because there's no way in HELL that it would be faster than
Ryan Rainville Nov 26, 2012
I think from the front it kind of resembles Hans rx7 from Tokyo drift and those headlights are sweet also does any one know if this has posted a ring time yet I would be willing to bet that this or the aggera r would be the fastest
Jackson Michael Nov 26, 2012
I totally agree with you Grant. The new front grill gives it a really aggressive look and looks way better IMO. Also Preston is retarded. Bravo Hennessey!
Shelby Cassandra Nov 26, 2012
This is insane! Even better than the last one!
Dylan Lougheex Nov 26, 2012
Front grill looks like a stretched out gtr
Preston Ming Nov 26, 2012
not even close to a gtr! besides this thing would rape any gtr you throw at it..any Bugatti you throw at it..even the Agera R
Thibault Leroy Nov 26, 2012
@Grant i see what you mean
Dillon Dixon Nov 26, 2012
It looks like a completely different car! I love it!
Grant Boshart Nov 26, 2012
This picture makes me think of a wide body GT-R. They don't look alike, but The grill setup is similar.
Tanner Middleton Nov 28, 2012
i didint wanna see the rear end anyways... -.-
Dylan Lougheex Nov 26, 2012
Like the winged doors... Looks like a lotus exige on steroids