Comments - CTS Wagon Heading to Automotive Heaven

Published: Nov 26, 2012
Description: Should anyone be in the least bit shocked that once again American buyers have shown their complete lack of interest in wagons - even when it's a Cadillac? That's exactly the case for the CT...
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Mike Antill Nov 28, 2012
This is a bummer, the wagon offers versatility and is still is fun to drive (unlike the SUV's you see on their roofs along the highway). Maybe this will raise our resale value...
Paul Trahan Nov 27, 2012
That's the problem. SUVs killed off the station wagon. They have all the versatility of wagon with the "oooo look at me in my big SUV" that soccer moms love. In Europe SUVs aren't that popular and that's why wagons are still around there.
Max Ignatyev Nov 27, 2012
Yeah, stationwagons were THE thing before suv's :/
Anton Zhukov Nov 27, 2012
@ drew. Wagons aren't American? Did you forget the 60s and 70s when every family had one before SUVs became popular?
Sebastian Grey Nov 27, 2012
No! This is the best one!
Cory Deines Nov 26, 2012
They only needed to sell 38 to break even.
Patrick Schalk Nov 26, 2012
I disagree Drew. For this specific competitor, only the Merc AMG wagon would be a threat. BMW or Volvo don't make a wagon that holds a candle to the V Wagon.
Drew Humphrey Nov 26, 2012
Wagons / "estate cars" are not meant IMO to be American in nationality. Leave them to the Europeans, they take the market much better. Now that's not to say this Caddilac wasn't a good car -it was - it's just the Mercedes/BMW/Volvo wagons were better
Grant Paquin Nov 26, 2012
I love wagons, past 6 or so cars have been them for me. Honestly if I had the money, this wouldn't be in my top three choices. With so many other companies dropping wagons, GM should have held out...
Dylan Bruder Nov 26, 2012
Nooooooo! My auto teacher had a black one and the wagon was by far my favorite variant of the cts v
John Serely Nov 26, 2012
I am kinda sad that their killing this off. There are a few by me driven by women, so they are not unpopular by me, at least. Hopefully,they will roll out the ATS-V soon...or even XTS-V
Timothy Hooker Nov 26, 2012
if I could get an old nomad or magnum I would be happy...those are two great looking wagons..this not so much
Jack Howard Nov 26, 2012
There are a few rich Indians with them where I live.
Patrick Schalk Nov 26, 2012
I have seen a CTS wagon but not a V wagon yet. I wanna get my hands on one
Tim Preisinger Nov 26, 2012
Matt, they are pretty rare here too. I have only seen a couple where I live
Kyle McCullough Nov 26, 2012
Rumor has it that there will be a Chevy SS ute, since there already is a commodore ss ute. Which would be amazing
Matt Piccolo Nov 26, 2012
I must say, I wasn't expecting this, but it's not surprising. I've only ever seen one wagon up in Canada, idk how often u guys see em in the us, but they're very rare here
Nick Schnee Nov 26, 2012
I don't really like the wagon body style... but the CTS-V was a damn legit car!
Nh Lifter Nov 26, 2012
Interesting. I just searched through Car and Driver's blog which is where this article is based off of, and I cannot find a reference to Cadillac killing off the CTS wagon. How about a link to the exact page on Car and Driver's web site?
Tyler Tarbox Nov 26, 2012
The V wagon
Tyler Tarbox Nov 26, 2012
My mom is getting one of these
Skylar Drake Nov 26, 2012
I think the study was GM only needed to sell like 300 a year? I wished I had the money to buy one. I preferred these over the coupe/sedan. Maybe GM will bring it back with the Chevy SS or whatever they'll call it.
Aaron Crisp Nov 26, 2012
Man I've always kinda liked them. I think they're sweet, just like the Magnum SRT8.
Paul Trahan Nov 26, 2012
I remember reading somewhere that GM said the Wagon was always an experiment and they didn't need to sell many to make a profit. Such a shame it's gone now. I've daydreamed a lot about owning a manual CTS-V wagon and beating muscle cars in a race.
Paul Dickey Nov 26, 2012
You're part of the problem Tim! Naw just kidding.
Jordan Smith Nov 26, 2012
Well crap. I really liked the CTS-V wagon.
Tim Preisinger Nov 26, 2012
As much as I love Cadillacs, I'm not all that upset by this. I just don't really care for wagons...
Zeus Mocha Nov 26, 2012
Oh my gawd now I definitely want one.
Paul Dickey Nov 26, 2012
Now I'm never gonna have one.
Patrick Schalk Nov 26, 2012
More for gearheads to fight over. They will become highly sought after now.
Dylan Bruder Nov 26, 2012
It is a hearse death to those who challenge it
Cian Mac Gearailt Nov 26, 2012
You can see why it never sold well in Europe it doesn't look European and it's quite an environmental continent as well as high fuel prices meaning it was never going to do well.
Gazel Hebbert Nov 26, 2012
Reminds me too much of the caddy hearse...
Raschard Jackson Nov 26, 2012
Description: The wagon was originally launched in order to help the CTS better appeal to European buyers, where wagons remain popular. Americans, however, long ago dismissed wagons as being, for lack of a better t...
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Aj White Nov 27, 2012
The only wagon I would buy is a Magnum.
Kyle McCullough Nov 27, 2012
Lol @ Matt: gay guzzlers
Dave Rain Nov 27, 2012
The people that think its cool can't afford one.
Matt Piccolo Nov 26, 2012
Depends on which SUV u get. They're not all gay guzzlers...
Jack Howard Nov 26, 2012
Wagons and hatchbacks are pretty awesome. It would be pretty cool if every sedan had a hatch or wagon variant.
Aaron Crisp Nov 26, 2012
Yeah a Wagon seems much more practical than a gas hog SUV or mini van. Not that I have anything against them, just like the Wagon!
Kyle McCullough Nov 26, 2012
I would buy a wagon if I had kids. Especially one like the cts-v
Patrick Schalk Nov 26, 2012
Easy Scott. Plenty of Americans like wagons.
Scott Blair Nov 26, 2012
"Americans dismiss wagons as being uncool" - well Americans are wrong. Wagons are so much better than stupid SUVs and crossovers. Yes, I'm a wagon driver.
Aj White Nov 27, 2012
Good riddance
Dylan Bruder Nov 26, 2012
Bye bye :.(
Raschard Jackson Nov 26, 2012
Gazel Hebbert Nov 26, 2012
Best angle and color for it. This is as warm as it'll get
Raschard Jackson Nov 26, 2012
Getting warmer..
Tyler Tarbox Nov 27, 2012
I prefer the sedan but this is sweet too
Dylan Bruder Nov 26, 2012
This is exactly like my teachers wagon so beautiful
Chad Schley Nov 26, 2012
I saw one of these the other day, that paint is nuts - super metallic - in a good way. The black with yellow calipers is bad ass.
Jack Howard Nov 26, 2012
Definitely the one to get
Rockesh Boulder Nov 26, 2012
Will be missed
Raschard Jackson Nov 26, 2012
Now this one I like!!
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 26, 2012
I love this car!
Tino Domingue Nov 26, 2012
Hahahaha... Lab in the back... I like >_<
Stephen Ishard Nov 26, 2012
Paul Trahan Nov 26, 2012
Such a badass car. All that power and handling while having your Labrador riding in the back looking at the Mustang you just smoked through the rear window.
Zeus Mocha Nov 26, 2012
Black Diamond Edition for me
William Downs Nov 26, 2012
Ohh this is so sad, why its such a great car
Frederick Perez Nov 26, 2012
Patrick Schalk Nov 26, 2012
*not. Damn phone
Patrick Schalk Nov 26, 2012
How can anyone now like this?
Raschard Jackson Nov 26, 2012
I like this too!
Dillon Dixon Nov 26, 2012
Sickest wagon ever! It's bittersweet seeing it leave