Comments - Lotus Extrema by Composite Worx

Published: Nov 25, 2012
Description: By all accounts Lotus developed a gem of a chassis with the Elise. The platform kicked off by Romano Artioli of Bugatti EB110 fame has led to numerous versions bearing the same name, but has given ris...
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Patrick Schalk Nov 25, 2012
Yeah take it away to my garage! I like it! But yeah I would put different wheels on it too
Stas Allen Nov 25, 2012
Don't know about you.... I like it.
Aaron Sparks Nov 25, 2012
Wow this is bad. Just bad. Take it away please.
Cody Gillard Nov 25, 2012
Not liking the kit
Mike Conrad Nov 25, 2012
What are those? Königs?
Ryan Sansossio Nov 25, 2012
Needs much bigger rims and smaller wheel wells
Janak Solanki Nov 25, 2012
Why are the wheel wells so huge? I wish they were shrink wrapped around the wheels, it would look much nicer
William Downs Nov 25, 2012
Besides the rims this thing looks great and probaly goes like stink
Pompey Paul Nov 25, 2012
Redge Diakité Nov 25, 2012
The rims are sooooooooooooooooooo ugly DAMN
Description: Designed and crafted by Composite Worx out of Bergamo, Italy, the Extrema takes the Lotus Exige (itself based on the Elise) to further extremes. As you might have guessed from the company's name,...
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Thibault Leroy Nov 25, 2012
Looks great
Aaron Sparks Nov 25, 2012
Wouldn't let these people anywhere near the body of a car. Maybe the engine but definitely not the body.
Jordan Montera Nov 25, 2012
They couldn't fill the holes from the old spoiler? This thing looks cheaply put together
Matthew Crighton Nov 25, 2012
Racing seats might not be designed specificaly gor confort, but if the driver is uncomfortable, he might be off his game.
Stas Allen Nov 25, 2012
Not liking the seats.
Jon Wheel Nov 25, 2012
Comfort = weight = bad for a track car
Thibault Leroy Nov 25, 2012
Pff who needs seats
Logan Delony Nov 25, 2012
Racing seats aren't intended for comfort..
Roggina Froggina Nov 25, 2012
Those look comfy! NOT!!!