Comments - Kia to Launch Rear-Drive Coupe?

Published: Nov 25, 2012
Description: Though many of Kia's models offer compelling alternatives to their (often more costly) Japanese rivals, the brand lacks charisma. For that, a company like Kia needs a halo model - something to dr...
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Jason Brown Nov 26, 2012
This car has been in the works for more than a few years. Not sure why they said unveiled last year....
Zachary Maurer Nov 25, 2012
I agree with everyone, Kia and Hyundai both have made great cars the past two years, people say they suck, but they are better deals, with better reliability
Jordan Smith Nov 25, 2012
Agreed with all the previous. I never really liked Kia before but their designs are pretty cool now. It'd be even cooler to see a rear wheel drive sports car from them.
Aaron Crisp Nov 25, 2012
Precisely! I'm really impressed with Kia. And the new Optima is astonishing. I would consider a nice RWD coupe as a nice fun DD.
John M Weishahn Nov 25, 2012
They've spent the last three years establishing a distinct design language, and the Optima is a fantastic car for the money. They're a company to watch.
William Downs Nov 25, 2012
Damn Colby never thought I'd hear u say something good about KIA.. but yes they need an actual performance car, the koup and optima have been race proven and the koup has been doing extremely well in its series, they just need to take what they learned and put it to use, both a nice rwd halo car and a nice little rwd coupe that's not based off the genesis
Colby Church Nov 25, 2012
Yes, Kia desperately needs a Halo car. Some people may see it as a joke, but I believe if they play their cards right and make this thing look and perform decently, that they may have a successful competitor. With their resources, it's not impossible
Rohil Chauhan Nov 25, 2012
What Kia need to do is build a cheap small front engines rear wheel drive 4 door coupe, that is so good that people feel compelled to buy it over its rivals. Only then will its brand image be improved.
Victor Pitts Nov 26, 2012
@ James... Your are an idiot. Benz is not starting to rip Hyundai designs (same as Kia), just take a new CLS concept and compare it to a Sonota(spelling?)... Kia is clearly taking from Aston here.
William Downs Nov 26, 2012
Of course the front looks like the one-77, KIA announced when they revealed the car that the front had cues from the aston
omarSV Nov 26, 2012
Those who say they cant see any hint of One-77, take another look...the front air intakes reach up and intersect with the front lights, just like a one-77. Its one of the defining aspects of the one-77s front, so you cant blame anyone for seeing a similarity. The front of a citroen gt does a similar thing too. (The rest of the car is completely different though)
Patrick Schalk Nov 25, 2012
MB can suck a huge one. This is stealing. What MB car did they copy?
James Maxwell Nov 25, 2012
Mercedes Benz needs to start a lawsuit this is Definitely stealing of there design
Puneet Dass Nov 25, 2012
I see the new Fujitsu fan when I look at the wheels. Kia should stop copying fan manufacturers.
Jake Judges Nov 25, 2012
I see a softer Citroen gt
Coleman DuCharme Nov 25, 2012
Quit saying you see other cars in this. It's just a shitty (well, it is somewhat promising) rendition by Kia.
Jack Corah Nov 25, 2012
A one-77 much?
Adam Thomson Nov 25, 2012
It looks like the Rapide, Honestly i like it being a Kia
Jon Wheel Nov 25, 2012
I see a taller GT by Citroen here
Thibault Leroy Nov 25, 2012
I saw this car at a concept show in Paris and one of the people at the stand said that the car cost about 1.5 million dollars to build considering its a one off
Jack Reiter Nov 25, 2012
I feel like of anything, this car is based so much on the Citroen gt concept.. Am I really the only one who sees this?
Mike Ting Nov 25, 2012
One-77 much?
Gurjit Singh Nov 25, 2012
someone donate their eyes to this stupid kent
Ryan Spencer Nov 25, 2012
@Dylan your kidding yourself if you don't see One-77 in the front Facia at least. You have no eye for design, and no sense of propriety.
Dylan Gregori Page Nov 25, 2012
@kent kill yourself
Timothy Hooker Nov 25, 2012
technology is getting annoying...pieces of glass with a shiny film aka mirrors work great...everything being turned into cameras with park assist and lane departure alerts and all the other crap just adds to the price and creates lazy drivers
Trent Humphrey Nov 25, 2012
I like it except for the Kia part.
William Downs Nov 25, 2012
@ David no considering this concept has been out for over a year now... no they did not
Skylar Drake Nov 25, 2012
Looks a Jaguar got rear ended by one of those new BRZ's.
Kent Huynh Nov 25, 2012
I see Aston Martin one-77 in this
David Silva Nov 25, 2012
Does anyone else think they took the front styling off of the genesis coupe the guy made look like a Austin Martin ?if you don't know what I'm talking about go to Hyundai genesis coupe.
David Silva Nov 25, 2012
Does anyone elf
Kyle McCullough Nov 25, 2012
They should put the front end styling of the optima on a cheaper genesis coupe
Stanzel Washington Nov 25, 2012
I think they have the dimensions down, but need to work out the details.
John M Weishahn Nov 25, 2012
I like the side-view cameras, mounted on the fender like an E-Type.
William Downs Nov 25, 2012
I think this thing looks amazing, only part I don't like is the rear, they didn't put to much work into it
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Nov 25, 2012
No denying it, it's a stunning looking car and a complete transformation in design by the ever improving Kia brand. Just the front Grille is a bit of a put off but all else, superb!
Matt Piccolo Nov 25, 2012
Really not feeling this. The front fiasca is terrible!!!!!
Car Buzzer Nov 25, 2012
Looks absolutely incredible, probably way too similar to the rolls Royce ghost though
Colby Church Nov 25, 2012
The headlights on this just remind me too much of the Kia Soul, which I think is atrocious. They need to deviate this from the rest of their lineup in order to turn heads.
Joe Talerico Nov 25, 2012
*thumbs down*
Stephen Ishard Nov 25, 2012
I see possibly the worst looking car in a long time
Description: While the production version - which Lee is apparently committed to keeping rear-wheel drive - likely won't follow the existing concept's formula straight through to production, Kia is repor...
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Chris Huff Nov 25, 2012
Don't remind me V
Colby Church Nov 25, 2012
You meant the 2013 Geneva Auto Show. 2012 is almost over now. :)
Description: Autocar points to the Mazda MX-5 Miata as the target, but close to that is the Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ, which in turn comes close to the aforementioned Genesis. (The last time Kia of...
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Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 25, 2012
Performance version with 200 hp? Yeah, that's super awesome!
Ian Ragsdale Nov 25, 2012
I'm all for more RWD options from lower priced auto makers, but if they want to build a competitor for the mx5 or brz/frs using genesis underpinnings they are going to have to do something about the curb weight. Genesis coupe 2.0t is chunky(3300lbs)
Colby Church Nov 25, 2012
Well good for them, I'm just not a fan of the hot hatch segment of vehicles. The sports car would be more appealing.
Adam Thomson Jan 05, 2013
I like it
Oscar Rubio Nov 26, 2012
Just take the badge off
Philipp Kentner Nov 25, 2012
Not bad for a Kia
Jake Judges Nov 25, 2012
Yeah Brandon that's exactly what he's saying stop being a keyboard warrior for a couple minutes
Elton Meraj Nov 25, 2012
The front is Aston Martin One-77
Oscar Mendieta Nov 26, 2012
Give it to me
Chris Friend Nov 25, 2012
It's looking like an Asian One-77. That doesn't mean it's ugly. I like it more than the Aston.
Jon Wheel Nov 25, 2012
Obvious One-77 cues here, can't look around that
Timothy Hooker Nov 25, 2012
just an fyi this concept was probably more than 1mil..most are
David Jefferis Nov 25, 2012
Good idea, though the front is too ornate for my taste.
Edmond Gebara Nov 25, 2012
Andrew, take a chillaxative... It's a COMMENT about a CONCEPT car. How can you bother to give a f***?
Ryan Faber Nov 25, 2012
you must be absolutely blind to not see the resemblance of the one-77 in the front facia.
Andrew Hossann Nov 25, 2012
Idk why anyone would compare this to a one-77 the difference would be 600+ hp and about $1.6M the looks aren't even close and a one-77 shouldn't even be thought of when looking at this
Aung Thant Hein Sketch Nov 25, 2012
It look like a blend of Porsche SUV and Aston Martin One-77
Jason Brown Nov 26, 2012
Me too. I think the head lights look similar, but besides that totally different.
Donald Pittman Nov 25, 2012
I'm starting to wonder if people really know what a One-77 looks like.
Jon Wheel Nov 25, 2012
I'd buy this if they produced it for $30k or less, no doubt
Gurjit Singh Nov 25, 2012
@kent HAHA look whos talking
Kent Huynh Nov 25, 2012
Kyle McCullough Nov 25, 2012
I'm not disagreeing, but when did they admit to ripping off other companies in a commercial?
Gazel Hebbert Nov 25, 2012
It really is a complete rip off though! That alone turns me off from it. Come up with your own ideas Kia! Everything you put out has already been done. You basically admit it in your commercials.
Mohammed Shamma Nov 25, 2012
David Gray Nov 25, 2012
I was thinking this reminded me of another car! Totally agree with you
Nick Schnee Nov 25, 2012
The whole car is a complete One-77 rip-off... it's not bad looking, though.
Benjamin Lee Boyers Nov 25, 2012
The rims look like fan blades.
William Downs Nov 25, 2012
@jordan. KIA has already changed there image drastically, and if u think they can't of fast then indent know about there very successful racing program with the koup, optima and Rio, the forte being the most successful by claiming the championship there first year fielding the car
Jordan Jackson Nov 25, 2012
Although the fast part has yet to be seen, and honestly, and I know I'm gonna get crap for saying it, but I'm doubting KIAs ability to pull this off and change their image, but I won't complain if they do
Jordan Jackson Nov 25, 2012
Lets call it a... "Fastback"?
Gazel Hebbert Nov 25, 2012
Is this technically a hatch? The article says sports car, but that's a long line leading from the window to the trunk.
Rick Ross Nov 26, 2012
Jesus, take away her license..
Joe Brooks Nov 26, 2012
This kia gt is a sexy saloon ! Cant wait to see the coupe ! But you wont get me out of my nissan s13 !
William Downs Nov 25, 2012
KIAs resale ain't bad at all, our 2011 koup is still valued around 16k and my girls been in 2 accident 1st cost 8955$ to repair and the second was 7k to repair.. I word call that good resale
Timothy Hooker Nov 25, 2012
u would be surprised on the optimas resale
Ryon Weiben Nov 25, 2012
resale value < junk
William Downs Nov 25, 2012
Kent your an idiot, this is a concept model. KIA is far from junk now go learn a thing or 2 about a company before bad mouthing about what ya don't know
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 25, 2012
Looks good.
Kent Huynh Nov 25, 2012
The seats look like they'll tip over if someone over 100lb sits on them.
Kent Huynh Nov 25, 2012
That is just a piece of junk.
Car Buzzer Nov 25, 2012
Coz it's ballin'
Jommel Marcella Nov 25, 2012
Why have the seats in gold?