Comments - Infiniti and Red Bull Step Up Collaboration

Published: Nov 25, 2012
Description: The idea behind automakers participating in Formula One is to bring some of the technologies developed for the highly-competitive racing series back to its road cars. That's how carbon-fiber cons...
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Salman Salman Salman Nov 25, 2012
Nice car
Description: Rather than field its own F1 team, the Japanese luxury auto marque has been steadily increasing its relationship with the Red Bull Racing team, and with the F1 season wrapping up today in Brazil, has ...
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Mansour Pro Jan 09, 2013
Infiniti is brought to red bull ._.?
Description: Among the technologies which Infiniti hopes to adopt is the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, a hybrid drivetrain used in F1 that stores energy normally lost as dissipated heat in batteries (or alternat...
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Mansour Pro Jan 09, 2013
Infinti Headquaters did made broughts red bull
Jacob Burford Nov 27, 2012
The problem I have with this is practicality! Because it's so impractical for an SUV, it doesn't really have a point of being a SUV in the first place.
Zaire Wilkins Nov 26, 2012
one of the best crossovers alive but i would get the 5.0L make the exhaust sound like GT500
Ryan Faber Nov 25, 2012
I'd drive it
Mansour Pro Jan 09, 2013
On 2012-13 there is concepts car broughted by red bull
Zaire Wilkins Nov 26, 2012
actually the infiniti essence was there first
Joseph Flieder Nov 25, 2012
It's one of the best concepts period!
Jommel Marcella Nov 25, 2012
Totally agree!
Brandon Metzger Nov 25, 2012
I love this concept.