Comments - Ford Falcon Upgraded for Aussie Police Duty

Published: Nov 25, 2012
Description: Law enforcement officials around the world face the same problem when it comes to speeders: the cars the suspects are driving are often faster than the ones the police have at their disposal to chase ...
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tylergrandstaff Dec 03, 2012
to bad the robber is deffintly gonna get a way. put a corvette or a camaro on the road they have experience at outrunning the fords.
Michael Davidson Nov 26, 2012
Send them to America please!!!!
Michael Davidson Nov 26, 2012
That's got to be one of the coolest looking fords I've ever seen.
Cory Allen Nov 26, 2012
Agreed! @ Walter
Walter Robinson Nov 26, 2012
We need the civilian version in America!
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 25, 2012
That's really cool!
Patrick Schalk Nov 25, 2012
This is awesome. I'd love to see this go flying by me doing about 120
Drew Humphrey Nov 25, 2012
Looks like a video game cop car. Sweet!
Car Buzzer Nov 25, 2012
Yeah straya!!!
Timothy Hooker Nov 25, 2012
oh this is sick. I love the way cars look dressed up as policia
Tanton Stoneman Nov 25, 2012
That is a beastly machine!
Description: The most powerful road car ever produced by Ford Performance Vehicles (short of its V8 Supercars racers), this Falcon GT has been upgraded from 450 horsepower stock to a mammoth 535 hp, thanks to upgr...
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Car Buzzer Nov 25, 2012
They already have pretty quick 6.0 L V8 SS commodores anyway.
Aaron Sparks Nov 25, 2012
Seems like a waste to not put it to use nabbing speeders.
tylergrandstaff Dec 03, 2012
to me it really looks like a Pontiac.
Уильям Мюррей Nov 27, 2012
Michael D'Angelo Nov 26, 2012
Where are his donuts then?!