Comments - Fiat 500 Has a Lot to Celebrate

Published: Nov 25, 2012
Description: Just a few years ago Fiat was in serious trouble. It desperately needed a car to revitalize its image and boost sales. And that's just what it found in the 500. Reviving a classic nameplate and s...
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Description: But don't expect the Italian automaker to be slowing down any time soon. What started as a sub-brand built around a single hatchback body-style has since grown to include a convertible, a line of...
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António Villas-Boas Nov 26, 2012
A great little car!
Thibault Leroy Nov 25, 2012
Well the 500L
Tyler Ray DeFord Nov 25, 2012
Just like the mini
Josh Andrews Nov 25, 2012
Time for a sedan fiat
David Gray Nov 26, 2012
How tall are you now then?
Description: The 500L shares little with the hatchback aside from its styling, but was just revealed in Panoramic Edition form (pictured in white) with a Skydome glass roof, and will be showcased later this week f...
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David Jefferis Nov 25, 2012
The 500 is crisp and sharp. The L is a bloatmobile, more's the pity.
Lead Peddalin Nov 26, 2012
Yeah I think these cars are hideous.
Tobias Mersinger Nov 25, 2012
That just looks stupid...
Carlton Salmon Nov 26, 2012
Looks like the Mediterranean and the car seems to have UK plates.
Michael Kagan Dec 05, 2012
Hot looking car! Like the 2 tone and the bigger wheels.
Chad Schley Nov 25, 2012
This looks good. Could be a fun daily driver
Blake Antil Nov 25, 2012
Wouldn't mind getting arrested just to go for a ride in this or the Gallardo.