Comments - Unearthed: 1978 Lincoln Mark V Coupe

Published: Nov 24, 2012
Description: It may be in trouble today but there was a time when the American luxury brand was actually cool. In fact, the brand supplied cars for a number of US presidents and, going even further back, was one o...
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Terrance Parker Nov 26, 2012
I used to love the rear drive Lincoln's. this is when Lincoln used to actually matter.
David Parenti Nov 25, 2012
Give it a few years. It's coming. They showed Cadillac up with the LS. RWD, V8, 4 doors, 50/50 weight dist. During a time where all of Cadillacs were fwd, and lack luster.
Justin Routh Nov 25, 2012
Yeah it is i like the sho too. But i think if they have a styling turnaround they could be great again. I'd love to see them do as well as Caddy but i just dont see it happening
David Parenti Nov 25, 2012
One of their MK's is based off of the Taurus SHO. And it's pretty quick for what it is.
Justin Routh Nov 25, 2012
And the navigator looks almost the same as it has for the past 10 years.
Justin Routh Nov 25, 2012
Lol yes i am. And i have no doubt they drive good and im sure they have nice interiors too but they look horrendous. Im a ford guy so i dont like to bash lincoln but i have no way to defend them when i look at thr front end of all their mk cars
David Parenti Nov 25, 2012
Well then, you've never driven a Lincoln. I suggest you go test drive one. If you're old enough.
Justin Routh Nov 25, 2012
Who cares about their past or future? You started by saying they were back and better than ever and thats what i was disagreeing with cuz their cars NOW are crap atleast if we're talking looks
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
Justin drives a Lincoln. Lol
Tin Nguyen Nov 24, 2012
Love the Lincoln mark coupe
David Parenti Nov 24, 2012
@justin. What do you drive anyways?
David Parenti Nov 24, 2012
Look into their future plans. A Mustang based V8 powered RWD car. And ever heard of a Mark 7 or 8? The mark 8 had the 32v 4.6L before the cobra mustang. Ahead of its time. It ran a 14 sec 1/4 mile in 1994!
Tyler Ray DeFord Nov 24, 2012
Lincolns may be nice but they aren't any fun
Justin Routh Nov 24, 2012
Are you serious david? Have you taken a look at the new lincolns? I'd rather have a moped than one of those ugly things
David Parenti Nov 24, 2012
Most features that are options in a BMW, are standard in Lincoln's.
David Parenti Nov 24, 2012
Lincoln's future is not far from certain? They are pushing to compete with European brands. Luxury Awd turbocharged V6 cars and suv's. There was a period where Lincoln fell off for a bit, but now they are back better than ever!
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 24, 2012
I love that thing! Saw a white one with Dayton wheels a couple days ago.
Logan Delony Nov 24, 2012
Introducing, the boat on wheels!
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
Ballinnnn!.... Not.
Austin Whitener Nov 24, 2012
Love the car but sad that most of them were beaten to hell by either bad owners or demo durbys :(
Taylor Garry Nov 24, 2012
Thats beautiful
Dustin Whisner Nov 24, 2012
I think uncle bucks car was a mercury but they look pretty much the same.
Jesse Williams Nov 24, 2012
I think this car was in the movie Uncle Buck. John Candy played as Uncle Buck and this is what he drove, except his was wore out and would always backfire.
Drew Humphrey Nov 24, 2012
My Dad goes nuts when he sees these on the road.
Carlton Salmon Nov 24, 2012
Didn't the private investigator, Frank Cannon, drive an earlier version of this car in the 70s TV series of 'Cannon?'
Dan Morris Nov 27, 2012
Handling wasn't as important as ride quality then. Know one was changing lanes at 80 mph in between other cars and without signaling .
Max Müller Nov 25, 2012
It is a boat
Ethan Amo Nov 24, 2012
Must handle like a boat
Description: But during its heyday, Lincolns were quite something and those who drove them were considered to be trendy. How things have changed. But let's focus on one particular Lincoln that was relatively ...
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Description: Powered by a standard 400 cu in 6.6-liter V8 with just 179 horsepower and 329 lb-ft of torque, the Mark V was hardly a performance machine, but the engine got the job done well enough. In fact, the op...
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Carlton Salmon Nov 24, 2012
True 70s style over substance right there.
Description: Beginning in the mid-seventies, American automakers started using the marketing phrase "personal luxury coupe" in their attempts to appeal to Baby Boomers who were looking to be more attract...
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Chris Huff Nov 24, 2012
Haha opposite (and same) sex. Nice one carbuzz
Description: The system told drivers roughly how many miles they had left until fuel ran out based on driving habits and other factors. It was quite revolutionary and was the first time an American automaker utili...
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Jordan Jackson Nov 24, 2012
On second thought, the whole interior is gaudy
Jordan Jackson Nov 24, 2012
Man those seats are gaudy, but they sure do look comfy, lol
Carlton Salmon Nov 24, 2012
@ Thibault. Those seats would hold you in place around bends as much as a couch would! Lol! I can't remember the last time I'd seen a dashboard with so many right-angles!
Thibault Leroy Nov 24, 2012
The seats look likecyoure sitting in a couch
Chris Huff Nov 24, 2012
'So clean'
Description: Having only two previous owners, this Mark V is in nearly perfect condition. It's powered by the optional 460 cu in V8 and there's only 52,000 original miles on the clock. Not only is the pa...
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Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
Omg... I would actually love to see this thing in a gold wrap. Lol
Jordan Jackson Nov 24, 2012
And a gold chrome wrap, lol
Troy Kessler Nov 24, 2012
How long before we see some rapper slap 30" wheels on it ..3..2..1
Jordan Jackson Nov 24, 2012
Who would have guessed this car was from Florida, lol
Dan Morris Nov 27, 2012
They where called opera windows.
mikegauros Nov 24, 2012
I like these side windows back there