Comments - Silver Bullet 356 is der Franken-Porsche

Published: Nov 24, 2012
Description: There's no doubt Porsches have a distinctive look of all their own that make them instantly recognizable. From the 356 to today's 911 and Boxster, the German sports car maker isn't real...
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Reid Huff Nov 25, 2012
Well you can say that about any car. If somebody sees a BMW or a Ferrari they will know what the make is but not the model.
Drew Humphrey Nov 24, 2012
Porsche design is so recognizable that uneducated onlookers can't recognize one Porsche from another. It's just a "Porsche" to them -__-.
Noah Collins Nov 25, 2012
Beautiful Car!
David Jefferis Nov 25, 2012
Sorta 'Technopunk' - I love it.
Zach Hill Nov 24, 2012
Jommel Marcella Nov 24, 2012
Looks like a future car.
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Nov 24, 2012
Very cool, looks like a concept car from the 60s or 70s
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
A Porsche that actually intrigues me. Very nice job, this is art.
David Harris Nov 24, 2012
Looks sick!
Jordan Jackson Nov 24, 2012
I really like the bomber like windshield this thing has going, awesome looking car
Dustin Whisner Nov 24, 2012
This things wicked looking.
Lucas Hill Nov 24, 2012
I don't love Porsches, but that looks astonishing!
omarSV Nov 24, 2012
very cool :)
Description: The car's based on a 914-6 chassis and fitted with a mid-mounted 3.0-liter 911 engine good for 276 horsepower and mated to a 915 five-speed manual gearbox. The body design is based on a 356 Conti...
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Description: The interior is quite spartan but has a 1950s racing feel to it, complete with a fire extinguisher. This "Silver Bullet" 356 was recently sold at auction for an undisclosed amount but it&apo...
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Chad Collins Nov 25, 2012
@ drew and stas, the bubble on the driver side front fender is a mirror and oddly enough the bubble in the passenger side door is also a mirror
Drew Humphrey Nov 24, 2012
@Stas I see what you did there. Even better...You just turn slightly and when you hear a scraping sound you stop turning. Repeat until the obstacle is out of the way.
Stas Allen Nov 24, 2012
@Drew You use the invisible side mirrors.
Drew Humphrey Nov 24, 2012
That's cool and all but how do you see out the back...
Marcin Bednarski Nov 24, 2012
Super simply super
Bruno Rocha Nov 24, 2012
The rear looks like the old bugatties
Chad Collins Nov 24, 2012
Take the metal vents off and make em out of acrylic… it'll show off the engine and act as a rear window
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
That's awesome. Very unique.
Ryan Rainville Nov 24, 2012
This thing is just straight awesome
Rockesh Boulder Nov 24, 2012
Kickass? Yes.
Drew Humphrey Nov 24, 2012
The sloped rear partition just hints at the 911.
Richard Mitchell Nov 24, 2012
550 Spyders had similarly shaped vents that were hinged and used for quick access to the carburetors. That's obviously what inspired these ones.
Chad Collins Nov 24, 2012
What are the triangles really for anyway?, why not paint them and redirect airflow to the rear brakes
Brandon Bairian Nov 24, 2012
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
I agree the chrome triangle I would do away with, and the wheels are okay, but I would have made a different selection.
Lucas Hill Nov 24, 2012
I agree
omarSV Nov 24, 2012
get rid of that chrome triangle and it would look great. Love the old school wheels :)
Jommel Marcella Nov 24, 2012
Well the fire extinguisher explains why it's for racing.
Jake Judges Nov 24, 2012
I think the interior is more for racing
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
Ehh, it's alright.
Richard Mitchell Nov 24, 2012
Jason Bartlett Nov 24, 2012
Are these weber down drafts or solex's?