Comments - New Lotus Esprit Nearly Production Ready

Published: Nov 24, 2012
Description: Lotus hasn't had things easy of late. Its now former CEO was sacked a few months back after being accused of negligence with company funds. And prior to that, parent company Proton was bought out...
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Chase Huddles Nov 25, 2012
Come on Lotus! Lets see a proper plucky brit come back from you.
Daniel Eads Nov 24, 2012
There was an article a while back that said that lotus never confirmed they stopped production.
Chris Penza Nov 24, 2012
Yes! I can't wait for this!
Avery Williams Nov 24, 2012
Yeah, I'm confused as you are Luke. Lotus just needs to make up their mind.
Luke Purdy Nov 24, 2012
I'm so confused now, I thought they scrapped the plans of the new esprit
Vishal Dhillon Nov 26, 2012
It's a lamborghini
Eric Burns Nov 25, 2012
So unlike a lotus
Coleman DuCharme Nov 25, 2012
Timothy Hooker Nov 24, 2012
@Stas...not familiar with sacarsm eh?
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 24, 2012
Never was a fan of Lotus, but this is really cool.
Joe Varavarn Nov 24, 2012
The king is back.
Pablo Herasme Nov 24, 2012
MP-12C rear
Serge Pankratov Nov 24, 2012
All i gotta say is DAUMN!
Stas Allen Nov 24, 2012
@Timothy Yaris? Where are you getting this? My dad owns a Yaris (the sedan not the hatchback) and the Espirit looks nothing like it.
Aaron Crisp Nov 24, 2012
R8? I was thinking Toyota Prius and a Ford Raptor mix.
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 24, 2012
Look at that moon roof!!! I'd put some sort of tint on it I don't want everyone looking in my car, lol
Devin Babyn Nov 24, 2012
God I really hope they rethink Bahar's plans and make all those beautiful concepts they came out with. Every singly one of them are stunning
John Wyatt Rosenberg I Nov 24, 2012
*Zenvo ST1
John Wyatt Rosenberg I Nov 24, 2012
This kinda looks like the Zenvo automobile but not an R8.
Mohammed Shamma Nov 24, 2012
Wowww this will take lotus to completely new level. Stunning!
Aiden Bass Nov 24, 2012
Those side mirrors.....
Lukas Lebs Nov 24, 2012
MC-12C rear with lambo nose?
Chris Penza Nov 24, 2012
If lotus can pull this off correctly, this could keep them out of financial trouble for a while
Timothy Hooker Nov 24, 2012 sir..but toyata yaris....perhaps
Joe Talerico Nov 24, 2012
I'm hard to please, but I really like this.
Varuna Gamini Nov 24, 2012
Take a lambo's front end and merge it with an astons rear and u get this!
Matt Piccolo Nov 24, 2012
I really am stumped to find any r8 in this lol!! But none the less, this looks freaken amazing
Kyle McCullough Nov 24, 2012
Have you ever seen an R8
Aventador Lamborghini Nov 24, 2012
Looks good - almost identical to the Audi r8
Jommel Marcella Nov 24, 2012
Wow that's cool
Dennis Choong Nov 24, 2012
I doubt Lotus will amount to anything under Malaysian ownership
António Villas-Boas Nov 24, 2012
What a beautiful car. Car enthusiasts need a strong Lotus back!
Ben Wright Nov 24, 2012
That's a great looking little car, if the performance matches I'm sure it will be profitable for them
Carlton Salmon Nov 24, 2012
Jeez that looks good!
Description: What we can confirm about Lotus' new flagship is that it will be powered by a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 mated to a seven-speed transmission with paddle shifters. It'll also feature an F1-style...
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Coleman DuCharme Nov 25, 2012
Good point. It is very likely that the new Mclaren and Ferrari models will utilize some sort of KERS system.
Ben August Nov 25, 2012
How can the Esprits "future" competition, be models that are already dated? I understand the Esprit is not in production yet, but how do we know these competitors won't be updated or replaced by the time it is produced?
Matt Piccolo Nov 24, 2012
@whyatt, I know lotus is known for light cars, but just sayin, I think 2500-2600 pounds would b a better estimate... 2100 would b f**king awesome but I think that might b stretch lol, even for lotus considering this is a v8
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 24, 2012
Finally it has a V8! The engine is the main reason I didn't like Lotuses, too small.
Wyatt Gordon Nov 24, 2012
I like those figures. my ideal figures for a car would be 680 WHP, 520 pd-ft of torque, and it would weigh 2,100-2,110 pounds.
Patrick Schalk Nov 24, 2012
Damn I'd love to drive this thing.
Dillon Magee Nov 24, 2012
that would be fantastic
Chris Penza Nov 24, 2012
This is gonna stomp on ferraris!
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
Think about weight also guys, Lotus is known for their lightweight cars. This thing will be a monster, trust me.
Justin Routh Nov 24, 2012
It has 612 or something like that doesnt it?
Rohil Chauhan Nov 24, 2012
By the time this comes out Ferrari and mclaren will have faster versions of their current cars, so the performance gap won't be as high as car buzz makes it out to be. The lotus will probably be more expensive also. Btw the mclaren doesn't have 592hp
Matt Piccolo Nov 24, 2012
This is AWESOME news :)
Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 24, 2012
It won't be 650 hp. Lotus themselves said the V8 produced (reliably) 600 hp dead. As for the KERS system, I'd be wary of that 100 hp figure... I so hope this car makes it. Knowing Lotus' recent form, it will be MEGA.
Carlton Salmon Nov 24, 2012
That's more power than an Aventador or a F12! Bloody hell!
Description: It will mainly be constructed from lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum in keeping with Lotus founder Colin Chapman's philosophy of “simplify then add lightness”. There's still no word when...
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Josh Negron Nov 25, 2012
@ Matt, sorry about your uncle, bro. I'm at 80k on my LS2--I'll keep you updated... ;-)
William Downs Nov 25, 2012
That he just had bad luck, LS are extremely reliable, reason why its one of the most popular engine series on the market, great power even better reliability
William Downs Nov 25, 2012
Sorry Matt but sounds like your uncle needs to learn how to take care of his cars if he killed an LS series engine under 100k miles, I know people with north of 200k on there LS engine and having had a single problem.. and u can't base an entire engine series on 1 expierence that's just retarded, besides I find broke. Honda engines for sale all the time, never found a broke ls
Terrance Parker Nov 25, 2012
I can't wait to see the preproduction model. It's been so long since Lotus has produced this model, I'm glad they didn't go retro instead they went ultra-modern and if it should get a twin turbo V8 W/KERS OMG this thing will b sick!
Dylan Gomes Nov 25, 2012
im pretty sure that a high-emd Porsche 911 costs more than £100,000, especially once u start adding options like a PDK or ceramic brakes, etc
Stephen D Nov 24, 2012
Sad how all our super cars these days have to be perverted with hybrid setups
Matt Piccolo Nov 24, 2012
Sorry he (had) not has... I know I've told this before but he got it crushed! I wish I got it on tape! 😆
Matt Piccolo Nov 24, 2012
Blew after about 80k (if I remember correctly) but i know it was well under 100k... And he LOVED that thing.
Matt Piccolo Nov 24, 2012
I'm not even going to get in this argument, but @ josh, from personal experience, even a well maintained LS wouldn't out last any k24 ect. My uncle has an (I think 99') camaro ss, and he loved the thing to death, took awesome care of it... Engine
Zeus Mocha Nov 24, 2012
David -1 for you. Wow I didn't know they ran the 2012 GTR test. Expected the GTR to beat the vette at some point but not this late. Next Gen Vette is coming out and I won't even wait for ZR1. I believe the ZO6 will probably do it faster for fraction.
Kyle Rawn Nov 24, 2012
Oh and the GTR beat the ZR1 and ZO6 around the Nurbürgring. Fun fact. But the Viper ACR still destroyed everything.
Michael Riley Nov 24, 2012
That's still about $130,000 though so it ain't THAT cheap. but still, I'd definitely expect higher prices.
Josh Negron Nov 24, 2012
And I'm not even gonna mention magnetorheological suspension systems... Thanks for paying 'Merica cash money to use OUR suspension technology, Ferrari. ;-)
Josh Negron Nov 24, 2012
And as much as a solid rear axle annoys me, the 2013 GT500 held its own in the corners against the ZL1 in all comparisons... I know Ford said they will change to IRS in 2015--but the current model shows great engineering.
Josh Negron Nov 24, 2012
\/ what he said. And "outlast"--seriously dude? A properly maintained LS will live just as long as any K20/K24 bro. Whatever you prefer is fine--just don't make it about reliability and cornering--because those aren't really that relevant anymore.
Kyle Rawn Nov 24, 2012
American super cars tend to have more power (which is great) and it would be interesting to see the battle if imports had the same power levels.
Kyle Rawn Nov 24, 2012
Dangit Colby. I blame you for bringing up this argument this time. Granted you guys are right about high tier American cars, I would like to see some imports with as high power levels and see how they do on a track. I'm not saying anything, just that
Felix Rhett Nov 24, 2012
Specifically, the viper and z06 are faster around a track than virtually any other production car--one way of acknowledging this is by looking at production car lap records @ the nurburgring.
Felix Rhett Nov 24, 2012
@david we get your point, or at least I do, and in some ways I support it. However, your first comment sounded extremely uneducated... American manufacturers make some of the fastest track cars on the market.
David Guerrero Nov 24, 2012
It's gross how some American cars still use live rear axles, it's no comparison to an independent dual wishbone suspension that allows for faster cornering.
David Guerrero Nov 24, 2012
Regularly, the FR-S or civic Si would easily outlast an outdated Z06.
David Guerrero Nov 24, 2012
Most, not all. I prefer FR-S, STi, EVOs. Lotus, miata's over any American car. Not because I don't support American economy, but because I don't care for extreme power, but handling. Living in SF, there is no space to go +100 mph. And if driven
Taylor Garry Nov 24, 2012
Hahaha some people. "Its only a drag car"... Wrong place to come if you know nothing about cars
Devin Babyn Nov 24, 2012
And yes I left out the next Challenger/Cuda on purpose. Until I see it capable of doing anything other then burn outs I'll appreciate it as a performance oriented vehicle. It's just a bad ass cruiser at this point
Devin Babyn Nov 24, 2012
David holy Jesus you're an idiot..... Muscle/Pony cars aren't even meant for straight lines anymore. Quit living in the past being an idiot hater. The Viper C7 Vette, next gen Stang and Camaro will all be amazing and at the top of their categories
David Guerrero Nov 24, 2012
Hearing about corvettes gives me nausea. The lotus will destroy a corvette. Corvette is for drag races. It's a car for drag queens.
Devin Babyn Nov 24, 2012
Colby the C7 will not look better then this if this stays close to the concept and the ZR1 won't be out for what 3-5 years from now. GT-R will probably be around 650hp by then haha
Walker Carroll Nov 24, 2012
Yes. But the GTR was never meant to preform best in a straight line. It was meant to be amazing in the corners.
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
Muchhhh better. Lol. Also the GTR is great for dead stops at stoplight drags, but if they meet at a roll or especially on the interstate, the GTR is going to fall way short. But the GTR is still a great car and an awesome value, don't get me wrong.
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
The Corvette is the pinnacle of value cars. The ZR1 obliterates everything in its class for less. And before the GTR is mentioned, although it is a great value, the ZR1 has a faster quarter mile, requires more skill to drive, and sounds much better.
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
I would rather have a C7 ZR1 than this when it releases. It will look nicer than this and have over 700hp. You can believe that. But what he is saying is that it presents the same philosophy as the Corvette, bang for your buck.
JB Kolod Nov 24, 2012
So basically it's a corvette
Rohil Chauhan Nov 24, 2012
There's no way it will be 100 000! I will eat my hair if it is!
Jason Watkins Nov 24, 2012
Absolute steal who wouldnt want one
Nathaniel Young Nov 24, 2012
Absolutely, if this car achieves the claimed price and power while maintaining lotus' weight and handling prowess, it could be a supercar killer to rival the GTR.
Ben Wright Nov 24, 2012
If they can get Ferrari killing performance for half the price, then they are on to a serious winner here. Seems like a no-brainer.
Vishal Dhillon Nov 26, 2012
No it's a mclaren
Coleman DuCharme Nov 25, 2012
Lol I think Taylor has the best point. And yeah I dunno about you guys, but I see moped + toaster.
Jordan Smith Nov 25, 2012
I agree with Joseph. I love Corvettes more than anything but we don't have to compare them to literally every single car and bring it up on every single article.
Car Buzzer Nov 25, 2012
Becoz sometimes it seems like the cat makers have just copied their designs like with the zonda
Aaron Crisp Nov 25, 2012
I agree with Colby. Lotus is an established super car company, super cars look similar for a reason... Aerodynamics.
William Downs Nov 25, 2012
Wow all u jumping on Colby are straight retarded, he didn't mention the word corvette anywhere in his statement maybe u all need to learn how to read again?
Joseph Flieder Nov 25, 2012
Don't get me wrong I'm a Vette fan boy, but I've learned to appreciate all marvels and advancements of the motor vehicle industry. Just sit back and enjoy. It's not going to last long in 10 years the designs we be completely different.
Matt Piccolo Nov 24, 2012
Joseph has a good point Colby lol
Cody Joe Pew Nov 24, 2012
I see a little Lotus Esprit in it...
Austin Shaw Nov 24, 2012
Why is it that on the first statement he makes that has nothing to do with corvettes and has good reason to it you guys go off saying shit about him. Colby good job for making a good point.
Taylor Garry Nov 24, 2012
This is obviously a mix between a yugo and an ultimate aero
Devin Babyn Nov 24, 2012
He has verbal diarrhea that is completely Corvette based. Well that's what I call it at least
David Guerrero Nov 24, 2012
Lol. Colby is the one to talk
Joseph Flieder Nov 24, 2012
Why do you Colby compare all of the to the Vette?
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
Why is it that all people who see a new car on here have to take turns commenting about what type of established production car they think the car looks like? It's not a Lamborghini, who cares if there are certain elements that are similar?
Dustin Whisner Nov 24, 2012
I don't see lambo and aston in it.
Varuna Gamini Nov 24, 2012
Isnt this a lambo like front merged with an aston's rear ?! :O
Cody Gillard Nov 24, 2012
This is going to make lotus come back big time
Kevin Lavier Nov 24, 2012
Thats just a bit beautiful
Nick Schnee Nov 24, 2012
'Cos they aren't mirrors...
Daniel Eads Nov 24, 2012
It's a concept, all concepts have small mirrors.
Bruno Rocha Nov 24, 2012
I didnt love the side mirrors, look quite small lol
Joe Brooks Nov 26, 2012
This car looks awesome ! Way to go lotus !! Just bring the price down. dont add that hybrid system !!! It doesnt fit with the lotus rule "Simplify and lighten" Just let us control the boost ;)
Charlie Gray Nov 24, 2012
Looks even better in this darker color, IMO
Matt Piccolo Nov 24, 2012
I've always been border line with these... One day I love them, the next day I hate them... Don't know why
Aaron Crisp Nov 24, 2012
If you replaced the pop ups with regular lights I think it wouldn't look aged one bit!
Kevin Lavier Nov 24, 2012
Always thought those looked cheap. Nice styling but something about the paint and styling is plasticy IMO
Pablo Herasme Nov 24, 2012
Looks like a carved brick
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Nov 24, 2012
I want one in deep metallic purple
Devin Babyn Nov 24, 2012
Holy shit I agree with Colby. Never liked these
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
Not very attractive IMO.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 24, 2012
Still looks good today!
Chris Huff Nov 24, 2012
Mr. Bond
David Guerrero Nov 24, 2012
The car that inspired the designer of the MR2
Ezra Diaz Nov 24, 2012
This car is beautiful and one day i will own one
Bruno Rocha Nov 24, 2012
This is beauty
Kyle Kloewer Nov 25, 2012
James Bond anyone?
William Downs Nov 25, 2012
Maybe Connor should be banned cause he likes the car? Someone's taste isn't a reason to ban them
Connor Scanlon Nov 24, 2012
Colby should be banned from this app.
Jacob Burford Nov 24, 2012
I think it looks simple but beautiful! A true legend in my eyes!
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
Well atleast someone likes it. I think this is ugly. Lol. No offense to anyone who likes it, everyone has different taste.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 24, 2012
^And this car looks gorgeous. Hope Lotus can keep the perfect, graceful ethos of design in the new one...