Comments - 5 Epic Hot Wheels Tracks

Published: Nov 24, 2012
Description: The worst part about gender norms is that they prevented girls (most, not all) from enjoying Hot Wheels. The replica toy cars and the awesome orange tracks were a part of growing up for just about eve...
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Chris Penza Nov 25, 2012
Oh yeah I used to live off of my hot wheels
David Guerrero Nov 24, 2012
Or maybe Ian's parents never loved him. I loved the hot wheels tracks, also matchbox cars and set weren't as good.
Ian Barger Nov 24, 2012
I never got the tracks for my hot wheels. They were stupid.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 24, 2012
Hot Wheels = my childhood
Description: Okay, so technically these are Darda Cars (toy cars with wind-up motors), but that doesn't make the track that the Darda Brothers created any less epic. The track they created on the ping-pong ta...
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Bennett Lugosi Dec 12, 2012
That must of taken a very long time 2 build that
Byakka Hirakawa Nov 24, 2012
That bmw needs a Go Pro camera
Donte Perino Nov 24, 2012
The track needs to be longer. ;)
Description: Were you creative enough to build a Hot Wheels track with six loops and two jumps when you were eight? Scratch that, did you even have enough track as an eight-year-old to build a course like this?
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Byakka Hirakawa Nov 24, 2012
I dont get this video Or am i wrong trying to find somthi more than wat im seeing?
Noah Gavurin Nov 24, 2012
i think most kids who had hot wheels had way more track than this, i know i did
Description: This clip shows just how awesome a five-level Hot Wheels track can be. Spoiler alert: It's pretty epic.
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Hans Wangsness Nov 24, 2012
That was really lame carbuzz.
Description: If you believe the description in this video, then this is the world's biggest Hot Wheels loop. Whether that's true or not is debatable, but what isn't debatable is that the sound needs...
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Byakka Hirakawa Nov 24, 2012
Fk red team!!
Description: The best part about this video is not the epic, 2,000-foot Hot Wheels track. No, the best part of this clip is that it helps raise awareness for Hope for Gabe, a non-profit designed to fight Duchenne ...
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Dominique Byrd Nov 24, 2012
WoW *Clap* That was amazing!
Hunter Wolfe Nov 24, 2012
Tyler Tarbox Nov 24, 2012
It is pretty shiny haha. "Do not look directly at the car!" lol
Tanton Stoneman Nov 24, 2012
I saw that car in Detroit last year, it's too shiny!
William Forgham Nov 24, 2012
I like how it actually has Hot Wheels wheels.