Comments - Volkswagen GTI by O.CT Tuning

Published: Nov 23, 2012
Description: German tuning house O.CT Tuning based its latest project on the 30th anniversary Golf GTI Edition 30 that debuted in 2006 with a unique exterior and modified interior. Given the car's already sta...
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Jörgen Nilsson Nov 25, 2012
The GTI has 200 hp as standard, normally NOT measured at the wheels. The R-version comes with over 250 hp, though.
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
How do u figure there about 200hp stock, people get 80esily from just an ecu ref lash, this has a custom intercooler, exhaust, upgraded intake, and a modified injection system.. them numbers are very believable, don't know why u think its so hard to believe
Jordan Montera Nov 23, 2012
I'm sorry but either those aren't wheel horsepower and torque numbers or they upgraded the turbo. There's no way they got those numbers out of a K03
Description: Further modifications were required to get more from the special-edition GTI, so a motorsport intake system was installed, followed by special spark plugs, a modified injection system and a sweet-soun...
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Tony Flaherty Nov 23, 2012
I had one of these on 19' and lowered by 40mm looked sweet but rubs the inner arches like mad.
Jeyhoon Jahanroshan Nov 23, 2012
sweet ride , like the rims
Drew Humphrey Nov 23, 2012
The back tire is almost touching the body lol.
Kevin Kitral Nov 23, 2012
I love this engine! Have it in my jetta and it pulls really hard