Comments - Porsche GT3 RS by Royal Muffler

Published: Nov 23, 2012
Description: Until Porsche introduces the 991 GT3 RS sometime next year, we'll have to make do with the current generation Porsche GT3 RS. No bad thing if tuning houses such as Royal Muffler continue to intro...
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cpeacock1245 Nov 24, 2012
Thing is sick''!!!!!!!!!
Dennis Choong Nov 24, 2012
Ricer? That's the kind of rear wing you'll find on the GT3 RSR in FIA GT3 series & ALMS. But this car needs a bigger front splitter to balance the downforce generated by that rear wing
Ryan Spencer Nov 24, 2012
Lol, over-glorified boxter? It'll run circles around a z4... And who other than some over-pretentious douche to name himself/herself "Aventador Lamborghini"?
Aventador Lamborghini Nov 24, 2012
Ricer alert!! I'd rather a z4 than this over glorified boxter
Wyatt Gordon Nov 23, 2012
I think the wing looks great! in fact this whole thing looks absolutely incredible! I'm in love with this. great job RM!
omarSV Nov 23, 2012
Actually Tyler the racing versions have this bigger/taller wing as it means more air flows over it, increasing downforce. I think Porsche know what theyre doing...
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
I agree with Tyler, that wings way to tall and looks retarded, stock was a lot better
Darren Martin Nov 23, 2012
No it doesn't Tyler
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
Smaller wing
Dillon Magee Nov 23, 2012
Looks mean
Drew Humphrey Nov 23, 2012
That's awesome.
Cody Gillard Nov 23, 2012
Whoa love this car
Oleg Odessit Nov 23, 2012
Now thats a Porsche
Carlton Salmon Nov 23, 2012
Tobias Mersinger Nov 23, 2012
I love the looks of it...
Description: The wheels are finished in black powder coated paint and wrapped in Toyo R888 tires, while the factory ceramic brakes have been replaced by a new set of Brembo Type III Two-Piece Floating Discs, which...
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Wyatt Gordon Nov 23, 2012
don't change the color combo, this car looks perfect! I would like to see it with black Fuchs style wheels though.
Jeyhoon Jahanroshan Nov 23, 2012
change the hood color combo
Phillip B Jong Nov 23, 2012
Wide body?...the rear wheel arches already come out 12+ inches!
Darian Vorlick Nov 23, 2012
Yeah that's a lot of cushion for the pushin'
Darren Martin Nov 23, 2012
She got a big booty so I call her big booty
Lucas Cowell Nov 23, 2012
Not a fan of the massive spoiler
Wyatt Gordon Nov 23, 2012
love it. this exact 911, a Ferrari 458 coupe in white (with black wheels), and a 1st gen Lamborghini Gallardo in silver make up my dream garage. (for modern cars, got a whole different dream collection for classics)
omarSV Nov 23, 2012
Awesome :)
Bruno Rocha Nov 23, 2012
I see this picture in the NFS Most Wanted next case picture lol amazing view