Comments - Playboy Star and Hot Blonde Go for Fast Rides

Published: Nov 23, 2012
Description: It's been a while since we last shared a video of a gorgeous, scantily clad lady being taken for a hairy ride in a supercar, so to compensate for this glaring oversight, here are two. First up is...
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Description: Spoiler alert: note how the safety-conscious producer ensured she wore a less than fetching helmet but that the seatbelt was kept firmly below her prize assets. Excellent work there.
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Chris Scherzer Nov 24, 2012
She's kind of really annoying
Raghu Veer Nov 24, 2012
Where's the blonde..??
Vlad Lukyan Nov 23, 2012
Dang thats a sexy 458 italia
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 23, 2012
But she was really hot anyway
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 23, 2012
I would hav preferred the second shirt for the ride
Ryan Faber Nov 23, 2012
hey john, wrong app
Nick Schnee Nov 23, 2012
Her face at 1:17: win
John Maffeo Nov 23, 2012
I don't get this videos!! Now if a boob popped out that would make it more interesting
Alex Renaud Nov 23, 2012
... versus the bolt-ons that we typically see.
Alex Renaud Nov 23, 2012
It is nice to see that she has abundant natural resources.
Colby Church Nov 23, 2012
Good eye Carlton. Lol
Carlton Salmon Nov 23, 2012
Wow she's hot!
Description: At the same event, a buxom blonde was given the drift experience in a Corvette Z06, although this time the seatbelt was (sadly) more sensibly positioned. We've never wanted to be a safety restrai...
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Treston Ott Jan 12, 2013
We went to Vegas and went to this place and I rode with this guy and it was awesome!
Chris Scherzer Nov 24, 2012
Glad she was less annoying than the other girl. And hotter too
Amer Tawil Nov 23, 2012
See if it was a Zr1 we would of seen alittle more
Barry Boo Wilson Nov 23, 2012
Those mofos must of been superglued in.
Dylan Bruder Nov 23, 2012
My favorite noise in the automotive industry ls7
Colby Church Nov 23, 2012
The Z06 is a drifting machine, trust me I know :) She did well holding on, you can tell she trusted the driver. The Ferrari girl was a little sketched out. Ha
Carlton Salmon Nov 23, 2012
Tit tape has never had to work so hard! Lol!
Mohammed Shamma Nov 24, 2012
Still cant find a better looking car than the italia. I just love it
Donald Chip Schofield Nov 23, 2012
So damn beautiful
Cody Gillard Dec 03, 2012
Puneet Dass Nov 23, 2012
@ Lee. Bro I've got some bad news..
Lee Gardner Nov 23, 2012
Timothy Hooker Nov 23, 2012
don't wanna risk boob decompression
Brian Micinski Nov 23, 2012
I love how she'll wear a helmet but won't wear her seat belt properly lmao
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 25, 2012
I liked when the vettes had flip up headlights, but the c6rs is one of the nicest vettes out of all time, till the c7 is out but until that day.
Pablo Herasme Nov 23, 2012
The Z07 Carbon edition is where its at
Colby Church Nov 23, 2012
Good thing Chevrolet offers black wheels. And as for the headlights, they look better in black also. And I prefer ZR1 styling because of the carbon fiber accents and front fenders look cooler.
Wyatt Ortega Nov 23, 2012
I like the ZO6 but the ZR1 is faster
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
Yes there a bit much, think most zr1 owners feel the same cause I still haven't seen a zr1 with the stock rims.. just at the dealer that's about it
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
I just hate the huge chrome wheels on the ZR1
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
O.o really.. personally never liked the c6 generations looks until the zr1.. mostly the headlights I can't stand
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
Z06 looks so much better than the ZR1
Colby Church Nov 23, 2012
But once you learn how to launch properly and reduce wheel spin, it makes crazy time. I ran an 11.4 in his when it was stock. Now it runs a respectable 10.2, and he's only spent $8,600 on the engine and etc. Amazing car, amazing results.
Colby Church Nov 23, 2012
There's my baby. :) I love the Z06 in yellow. Looks awesome, drives even more awesome. I drove my buddy's at the drag strip and destroyed a Gallardo Superleggera. This is a car you have to master to drive it all out. Launch is toughest to get down.