Comments - Evo's COTY Challenges Get on Track

Published: Nov 23, 2012
Description: With the festive season on the horizon, it's time for Evo magazine to select its Car of the Year. And for 2012, the British publication has set up track battles between its top ten contenders. Ti...
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Description: The one-on-one face-offs started with the Porsche Boxster S and Lotus Exige S, followed by the Morgan Three-wheeler against the Toyota GT86. The BMW M135i then battles the Porsche 911 Carrera, and the...
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Adam Thomson Jan 29, 2013
The Mclaren wins My heart ❤
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Nov 25, 2012
I'd still take the McLaren since it can get 30mpg.
Angelo Baclay Nov 24, 2012
Not available in my country. Ok
Toby Kessler Nov 24, 2012
Not available an the US? Really?
Jake Judges Nov 24, 2012
@wyatt I thought the same thing about the huayra but it grows on you and it's my favorite car right now lol
Dennis Choong Nov 23, 2012
The 12C more than held its own against the Huayra. With 100bhp deficit the McLaren is only 0.3s off the Pagani
Wyatt Gordon Nov 23, 2012
as much as I love $1,000,000+ Huayra's and $200,000 Mclarens, they both look boring to me. the McLaren almost looks everyday, especially compared with the Ferrari 458 (it's main competition), and the Huayra looks like an Audi next to the Zonda. From this COTY, my picks would be the Lotus and the Morgan to be honest.
Dustin Whisner Nov 23, 2012
Im surprised the Aventador isn't on the list.
Thibault Leroy Nov 23, 2012
Wow great vid but i would take a Huayra over a 12C anyday
omarSV Nov 23, 2012
@Jake and @Nick: The lap time of the Huayra was actually quicker than the McLaren.
Nick Schnee Nov 23, 2012
Actually, it's more than twice the price of the 12C and it has like 200 more horsepower, so according to numbers, yes it should. However, the 12C is an optimised track car that can beat almost everything. So...
Jake Judges Nov 23, 2012
Shouldn't the huayra have been faster then the mp4? Can anyone explain this?
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
U may think so but I haven't heard a sine person complain about the power after driving it, its does perfectly fine with the power it makes... but I agree it would be better with some more but its deffinay not a joke of a car. I drove one when your ripping on the car u don't really feel the lack of power, its smooth linear, cars extremely resposive
Donald Chip Schofield Nov 23, 2012
Not available in US? GAAAYYY
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
Give up some power yes, but not all of it. 200 horsepower is just too little
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
I'd give up horse power for better handling anyday
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
A joke? Because it doesn't have a lot of power that makes it a joke, ever driven one? Car does exactly what it was built to do, does it very well intact, car wasn't built to be fast in a straight line was built to be extremely balanced, some and fun to drive.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
Exige>Boxster S. GT-86>Morgan 911>M135i. C63>Alpina B3. MP4-12C>Huayra
Colby Church Nov 23, 2012
The GT86 is a joke. 200hp doesn't get me excited at all. If it were atleast 280, I might have more interest.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Nov 23, 2012
Not available in the US???
James Campbell Nov 23, 2012
Gt-86 all the way drifters rock
Patrick Schalk Nov 23, 2012
Freakin awesome video.
Nick Schnee Nov 23, 2012
Funny how the Lotus destroyed everything except for the supercars...
Carlton Salmon Nov 23, 2012
OMG the race between the Pagani and the McLaren! Both Tiff and Dickie were truly in awe of what happened and couldn't stop smiling.
omarSV Nov 23, 2012
Incredible that Pagani with only a few employees can make a car that laps as fast as a car from a company with decades of Formula 1 experience, with countless development teams and individuals working on the mp4-12c (not to mention experience from making the McLaren F1). Horacio Pagani...we salute you! Great video :)
Bill Estep Jr Nov 23, 2012
Bill Estep Jr Nov 23, 2012
Was the three wheeled Morgan n the Toyota supposed to be a joke? Can't believe how close the Pangani was to the McClaren in time it was pretty epic
Fawaz Alkraidees Nov 23, 2012
The uploader has no made this video available my country ! Y !
Colby Church Nov 23, 2012
Definitely two of my favorite cars.
Timothy Hooker Nov 23, 2012
oh that pagani looks sinister
Pablo Herasme Nov 23, 2012
Thanks for choosing Evo Airways
omarSV Nov 23, 2012
I love active aerodynamics.